Dave Brubeck Documentary

Just wanted to let members know that a nice little documentary on Brubeck is airing on Turner Classic Movie channel. It's called "Dave Brubeck: In His Own Sweet Way". It was pretty interesting and I'm only a casual Brubeck fan. It was narrated by Alec Balwin and Clint Eastwood appeared to be the host. I only saw about half of it. There are some interesting guests and appears to jump around a bit. Keith Emerson shows off a signed score from Brubeck for the ELP version of "Blue Rondo". Check it out if you're a Brubeck fan.

I watched 2 great programs on TV yesterday. Brubeck: In His Own Sweet Why & The N.E.Patriots stomping the Jets 45 to 3.
Bgpowell thanks, I recorded it.

he still plays concerts too and it is still very worthwhile to see him.