Damaged Dynavector 20XL

Somehow I have managed to severely bend the sytlus on my Dyna 20xl (low hours). What are my best options here? Is retipping an option or should I just write it off an replace it?
Soundsmith retip for $250 would my choice.
Yeah, I think that's what I'm going to do.

Check with the dealer you purchased it from, I am not 100% sure but I think Dynavector has a trade in policy.

Dynavector does have a trade in policy. You give your cartridge back to your dealer and he sells you a new one at a spiffy discount. My advice however would be, while you are at it, upgrade to the Karate. Not much more money but you will love the sound.

dynavector dealer.
Cruz, that's an idea. If your phono stage can handle the lower output of the 17MK3, it is a better cartridge.

Jim, it's Karat not karate.
Actually the output's the same. Sorry, I thought it was a little lower on the 17MK3.
Looks like it there would be a $500 premium over retipping vs. trading in my cartridge for the Karat (with a trade in discount). Is the Karat that much better than the 20xl? Also, are any of you guys using the Karat with the VPI JWM9 tonearm? Looks like the Karat is a bit lighter than the 20xl.


I have owned both and the 17MK3 is the better cartridge, but you're saying the retip is $250, (which we know) and the trade-up to the 17MK3 is $750? Wow, that's a big difference. I thought maybe a couple hundred bucks. If it were me, I'd retip and spend the extra on vinyl.
Hi Cruz,
I have the same tonearm and used both the High output 20 and the Karat. Somehow the extra weight of the 20 made it a better match for my system.

The Dynavector 20 series with the VPI 9 series arms is one of those matches made in heaven. I have tried many carts in it, some much more expensive and the 20 always sounds best to me.

Hope this helps and good luck.

I think the dealers only give like a 20% discount when trading in - no matter what Dynavector cartridge it is.
Thanks for the replies. I'm just going to have the 20xl retipped since I know it works well with my arm, etc.
How is the Karat better? I've got the 20XL and I'm about to upgrade to the XX2. I've got a scoutmaster with JMW 9arm. Anyone have experience with all three?
I'm in the same boat, housekeeper damaged my 20XL cantilver -- how did you find the XX2 as an upgrade?
If you have kids, housekeepers, curious friends, etc. stylus guards serve a valuable purpose.

They don't work well when dismounted.
You have nothing to lose by trying to straighten it ...right?

Get the cartridge on your desk/bench, and gently coax it into position it with a toothpick - in small increments.

Been there ... done that :-((

Thom @ Galibier

I feel your pain. A few weeks ago I was spinning some vinyl and as I changed the record my hand touched the cartridge and I tried to catch it before it hit the record. In so doing, my hand hit the stylus and bent it. And like a fool I tried to straighten it and the cantilever broke off in my hand. Not a good feeling. My cartridge is also Dynavector, 20XH. I think I will contact Sound Smith to see if it can be repaired.