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Calling ATC owners
Dont have rosewood, but get actives from ATC - they're best that way. 
Just a note for anyone interested -- I'm the tri-state dealer for The Clue, and agree with all that it's a phenomenal speaker, and a game changer at its price. Hope I'm not speaking out of turn here.robert @ outreachav . com 
What amps use the KT120 tubes?
Thanks guys. Are you sure Rogue uses them? 
Phono preamp for Dynavector XX2mkII
I had a Sutherland Hubble w/AC on loan for a few days SE in/out an dead quiet. Cannot get rid of some hum with my Dynavector p-75, among the reasons I want to move on. The Sutherlan is more than I want to spend. Thanks for all the great info guys. 
Phono preamp for Dynavector XX2mkII
How did the Sim and Nagra compare to the Ayre? Have been considering all three of those units. 
Phono preamp for Dynavector XX2mkII
Btw, anyone have experience with the Graham Slee stuff and Dynavector? 
Phono preamp for Dynavector XX2mkII
I see some Sims and Rheas out there and they're tempting. Heard my rig for a few days w/a Sutherland Hubble and it was outstanding, but just a little more than I'm willing to spend at this point. Rest of my system is ARC tubes btw -- Ref 5/210 mon... 
preamp for ARC 210 monos
Would like to try some of these but in home auditions are tough these days. May just go Ref 5, love the 210s so it's a no brainer probably.Anyone using SS in front of the 210s? 
Damaged Dynavector 20XL
I'm in the same boat, housekeeper damaged my 20XL cantilver -- how did you find the XX2 as an upgrade? 
Ear834p Question
OT: has anyone used the 834 w/a Dynavector 20X low output? Thoughts? 
phono preamp for Dynavector 20X low
I'll look into the Heed -- on fact a dealer contacted me about it; recommending it w/the XL. Has anybody used the XL with the EAR 834? 
Load Settings for Dynavector 20XL?
Thanks for the suggestions guys. 
phono preamp for Dynavector 20X low
Heard some VAS stuff in a VPI room at a show a few years ago, and it sounded quite good. Some of their pieces are designed to mimic the Citation stuff of years ago.Figuring on spending about 1K, be it used or new. Have been away from vinyl a long ... 
Load Settings for Dynavector 20XL?
What phono stages are you all using with this cartridge? Just got it, and looking to buy the phono stage now. Leaning toward tubes. 
Dali, Amphion, Zu
I've done some of that and will do more. The folks at Zu will grant me a few more weeks if I need it.Thanks.