Dakiom Devices

Does anyone have experences with the Dakiom devices? Sounds
like a very interesting tweak.
Although you do not specify with which components you will be using the Dakiom devices, the short answer is "yes".
I, and so very many others, posted experience on the website user review section. Almost every price level has been helped, so well worth trying the Dakiom audio feedback devices.
If you let us know about your system then someone may have attached the Dakioms to your specific components.
Although the Audiogon ads read a bit on the intense, and argumentative side, Dr. Dao is a real innovator whose ideas actually work, no straining to hear the difference. So, his strong opinions are coming from a good place.
His separate proselytizing for better vibration control is his public service message, well worth heeding.
There is a couple threads in the archives ,,if you do an audiogon search they should come up.
i tried the dakiom devices. iwas unimpresssed. it changed the spectral balance, by emphasizing treble relative to bass frequencies.

06-09-06: Mrtennis
i tried the dakiom devices. iwas unimpresssed. it changed the spectral balance, by emphasizing treble relative to bass frequencies.
This hobby is interesting. I have the same basic reaction to Dakioms as Mrtennis, yet in my system they did just the opposite by emphasizing bass relative to treble (and closing in the sound in the process).

There are many happy Dakiom users, which underscrores the importance of trying them in your own system.
Great points about different systems and listeners perceiving results differently.
There is a 30 day trial period, and if you are not favorably impressed then you send back for a refund of your money.
I posted the compulsory review stipulated by Dakiom for its introductory offer. It is posted on Audiogon. People have had variable experiences with these devices, but the bottom line is that the money back guarantee even covers shipping, so it's difficult to go wrong by at least trying the devices.

I have to say that my personal experience with the devices was that an audible "burn-in" seemed to occur, at least with the second generation stabilizers when hooked up to the Odyssey Stratos Extreme Monoblocks in my system. If correct, this observation would tend to contradict Dakiom's contention that burn-in is solely a psychoacoustic phenomenon.
I have bought two Dakiom's,one for the int.amp and one for the CDP,I can say it in one words,Just magical!!
Music just flow's from the set up.Never had this kind of improvement from one single component.
Give it a try,it's money back guaranteed,nothing can go wrong.
I have added bith the speaker level and line level. They did wonderful things for my system as well