What other power devices change 120V in to 100V

What devices similar to PS Audio P600 can change the standard 120V to custom voltage for Japanese equipment?
The PS Audio P600 (and I assume the P100 and P2000) can be set to output 50 hz AND 100volts if one chooses.
Since the PS Audio P600/P1000/P2000 are no longer in production. What other power conditioner devices can do this?

Do you know of any CURRENT production models of power devices which can change the voltage AND frequency (on the fly) from 60 hz to 50hz and from 120V to 100V with just the press of a button?
Contact Paul or Scott McGowan at PS Audio. I'm sure they have one sitting around the warehouse for a great price.
How critical is the 60 to 50 hz part? Is this for a turntable motor? If it's for an amplifier, I'm not sure it matters, in which case you could just get an oversized step-down transformer...
Why do you want to change frequency? Except for a few turntables, there should be no difference going up. Going down is a little tougher on the power supplies.

The Monarchy Audio regenerator can do 50Hz but is limited to between 110V and 120V and 220V and 240V in 1 and 2 volt steps, respectively. Also limited to 100W.

Pure Power and Panamax don't seem to do what you expect.
I bought an oversized stepdown transformer off the web - i don't recall where my research took me - but it provided way more power than the amplifier needed - and it worked just fine.