Add Bob Devices CineMag SUT to EAR834P Deluxe

I have a chome EAR 834P Deluxe, which already includes an MC option. However, this CineMag has received great reviews. Using the EAR 834P in MM mode, in conjunction with a CineMag might be a worthwhile upgrade? What do folks think? I have a Shelter 501 MC cartridge.
I can't comment on the EAR , but I use a Bob's Devices CineMag SUT with a Shelter 501 II .

It is a great match that belies the Price of the SUT and Cartridge combo . I have used a Bent [ Copper Wire ] . Jensen 44 [ home made Unit ] and a K&K Audio with Lundahl LL9226 Trannies . Only the much more expensive Bent compares .
I have not heard the CineMag, but own the EAR. If you did not follow this thread, check it out:

Personally, I would be careful about inserting another set of interconnects/jacks/wire/solder between your cartridge and preamp, with the hope of improving on what are already good SUT's in the EAR. I can tell you that a surefire upgrade would be to have the EAR upgraded with better caps/resistors by someone like Mitch Singerman. I had the mods done a few months ago, and I am extremely impressed with the results. I would bet that this would be a much more significant upgrade than using different external SUT's.
I own both a EAR834P (standard model modified with upgraded parts) and a Cinemag based SUT. I don't currently own a Shelter but have used both products with a Koetsu RSP and Benz Ebony. I prefer the EAR over the Cinemag in my system. Unless the Cinemag is a better technical fit for your cartride I don't necessarily think the move will be an upgrade. Of all the SUT's I've listened to, my current favorite in my system is the Hashimoto based SUT from Choir Audio. Not sure how it would match up with the Shelter but it's something you may want to check into. John at Choir Audio (very nice guy) produces SUT's with both Cinemag and Hashimoto transformers so you can ask him about specific recommendations with the Shelter.
You would benefit more from a better phono preamp. Euphonic it may be, and gets great press, but the EAR 834P turns details to mush. Sell the Ear (they go for $800 or so here), and with the money you would have spent on the cinemag, you could afford, for example, an AR PH3 SE.
Keep the EAR, use the stock transformers, and use the $$ to upgrade/modify the 834P. It will then hold it's own very well.
Thank you so much for your comments! Still thinking this over...
I concur with those who say change from the EAR. It was my first phono stage and it was adequate without excitement - someone mentions turning details to mush (maybe an upgrade/ mod may help). since then i have i've been through a few phono stages but my latest Leben phono with Bent audio step up is really special and not over the top price wise. its the way to go if you want a tubed phono stage. i've also had luck with old audio research pre amps that had built in phono stages.
If you're thinking about the Bob's devices SUT get a Parks audio one instead. It is the identical unit for 1/3 the price.  I have no experience with the ear but I wouldn't think that the Bob's devices would beat the transformers in the ear.   And there is a lot of sense in people saying save your money and take a bigger step. One phono to look at would be the Herron. 
How about buying the Allnic H1201 for around  2000 used.