DAC>Streamer>MQA>Wireless besides Bluesound

I am looking for a one box dac & streamer with MQA that is wireless besides the Bluesound option. The Lumin almost made it except for the wireless piece. My budget is $2K - $4K. Are there any options out there or coming up? The main function would be to stream Tidal.
I am pretty sure the following audio companies have agreements in place to implement MQA into their current or upcoming hardware.

Audioquest (Dragonfly)
Aurender (A10)
Auralic (maybe???)
Bel Canto
Bluesound (Node, Vault series and Soundbar)
NAD (M12, M50, M32, C 390DD, M502...)
Cocktail Audio (X35)
Krell (Vanguard)
Mark Levinson ( No519)
LG (LG.V30 smartphone)
Meridian (many products)
MOON by Simaudio
Pioneer (XDP-100R)
PS Audio ( PS Audio DirectStream)
Sony (NW ZX300 and NW-A40)
Technics ( SU-G30)
May I ask why ruling out the Bluesound option?
"May I ask why ruling out the Bluesound option?"

My thought too.  Maybe it's not expensive enough but certainly it is good enough to be included in the conversation.

I'm looking for a little higher level dac solution than the Bluesound.  If I can't find something that fits my criteria, I guess I will give the Bluesound a shot or wait. 

The question at issue here is directly on point with my situation (sorry, I'm an attorney). My only content source will be Tidal. I'm about to buy an NAD M32 with the BluOS 2.0 module (and, although irrelevant to the question, Focal Aria 936 speakers). One of my reasons for buying the M32 is that it is MQA capable. The M32 is a bit expensive, but I've heard and read good things about it, and it seems like it is high quality and has everything I need. Not exactly sure about the Bluesound and BluOS quality, but Bluesound seems to be well liked. Any comments on the quality of the M32 and it's BluOS module and/or Bluesound quality generally would be appreciated.
Goose - If you are looking for "a little higher level DAC solution" than the Bluesound I would read about and/or audition the PS Audio Perfectwave streamer with the Bridge II card. That combo will take you to a higher level and more refined sound. Tidal and MQA should sound the best it can. My two cents...
PS Audio, that's what I use, sold off the external dac/Auralic Aries streamer/USB cable. Couldn't be happier using Roon and streaming Tidal mqa along with my ripped music. Ps audio also makes the DS Jr which is fantastic and has the bridge ii built in. Forget USB, just use an Ethernet cable.
This is not a one box solution, but I have heard the Bluesound Node 2 with a Ayre-Codex Dac is absolute killer.
Similar to mr m, I'm using a Vault 2 with a Cary DAC and a Node 2 with a Denafrips Ares.  They both sound great.  For the extra option, I also run the Bluesounds to the pres through their analog outs to get "full" MQA.  IMO, very, very good for the money.

Another MQA option is the Cary DMS 500.  Very nice machine.  Around OP's budget when they have a sale.  Some competition at that price, though.

I'm not yet 100% sure how well it will work, but, at some point, I may try one of the non-wireless streamers by connecting the Ethernet cable to a Netgear Orbi satellite.  It's been suggested that it should work well.

Good luck!
paul8060, I purchased the BlueSound Vault because I could run Tidal through it and have access to MQA. I also ripped 500 plus CD's. My system is primarily for Vinyl, but when working I love to be able to just listen to Tidal or BBC6 Music. I also purchased 'ROON' as I believe it's a better interface than Blusound. As for quality, I have no complaints I run it via a VAC Signature MKiia into Merrill Audio Monoblocks and Dynaudio C1's. I picked up my Vault used for a very little money...I would not hesitate to recommend Bluesound.