Crystal Disc

About 30 years ago the world got a new medium which promised "Perfect Sound" for everyone. The latest is XRCD and K2HD but now there is a real break through, the Crystal Disc. Reports from Asia will serve us a "new shocking realistic reproduction". When I got it right, the source still is /16/44.1 but the results open a new sonic chapter.
They are available for $600,00 to $1700,--. Per Piece.
Normally they are played with ultra expensive digital rigs (obviously) but I would like to know, did anyone tried those with a normal priced CD Player (let's say with a 5k unit...)?
Do they change its Performance also to a new ultimate, never heard before level?
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IMO, the XRCD and there newer variants are some of the best CD's out there in terms of recording quality. However, the limiting factor will always be the CD playback standards. Hi rez download or SACD are both superior to any CD based playback system.
At the price per disc, who really cares?
Yep - remember, as hard as we try and as much as we spend, we can NEVER overcome the 44.1k limitation of redbook audio.
Fools, world wide are still in business.