Siltech Triple Crown / Crystal Absolute dream

I would basically interested to know any feedback that existing owners may have?
I recently purchase a Triple crown speaker cable pair to use it as a demo in my store and from what I hear, is a system changing. Absolutely wonderful.

If you can share your views I would much appreciate it. Other potential buyers will do also
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How does it compare to Gen.5? Retail price?
Gen 5? You mean transparent?
Perhaps he means G5 of the silver/gold alloy. The current Royal Signature non crowns are G7 with the crowns being referred to as S8 for their silver mono crystal design.

But on the other hand Gen5 could easily mean the most recent iteration of Transparent's cables as you stated.
I don't think many people here own that level of cabling.
Nope. Siltech Gen 5 silver/gold. Very expensive in the day.
I use siltech since 10 years and I use all sorts of siltech spx20 ruby compass lake snow lake
Actually I have empress double crown emperor double crown and sector ruby double crown with octopus double crown electric
In my system I have viola legacy and viola preamp solo mono
Drive cec tl0 and wadia 921 931. with martin logan summit x and hrs
Every changing of model of siltech is very important for upgrade your system but when you try the double crown is the changing is magical the sound became incredible in compare with other cable like kimber mit or cardas
Excuse for my bad english I live in france
thats a nice system I must admit my friend.
Got your Siltech which year?