Siltech triple crown

Would folks with experience with these cables share them?
hi Alectiong.
I believe is too early for a review on this cable yet. Having one of this installed in my demo system in the shop. I would say its just a life changing.
I will revert with more views soon
Eight months ago,I switched my inter-connect from double crown to triple crown cos I'm not too happy with the tonal balance of the double crown,the problem area starts from the mid-bass and goes down to the very low ,the energy and weight is simply too heavy which tends to blur instruments within this area. The triple crown corrects this anomaly,the thickness of the bass seems to move upward into the mid area but you don't feel the thickness growing,probably the double crown is a bit thin in the mid. Now the triple crown is transparent from top to bottom ,  instruments have a weight and density very close to the real thing, and most importantly, the images of these instruments do not mix together so that you can hear the space between them,only a very few exotic cables can do this, but they do not have the sweetness of the triple crown, its addictive. 
ptsang, did you try experimenting with the shielding options on the triple crown?
ptsang, did you audition the non crown Signature models in the past? Since they use different tech it's possible you may have preferred say the Emperor, Empress, King, Queen, etc. to the Crown and Double Crown models. Price often doesn't dictate performance so you may have preferred those models.