Audioquest custom made triple weave design power cable (Storm Series).

Hi everyone,
I am interested in having my own customized Audioquest power cable build based of their new power line Storm series, which can be found here:

The reason being the new line is out of my budget AND I am very interested in how a tailor made Audioquest applied with my own ideas will sound.

The idea:

• Use Audioquest NRG 4 cable, which can be bought in bulk:

• Dissecting the NRG 4 cable into three different wire parts: neutral, live, earth.

• Add multiple layers of shieldings per wire part: carbon fibre, copper braided sleeve, carbon fibre sleeve.

• Twist the three shielded wire parts in a geometry as the new Audioquest cable above, also have a look at: and!/Level-3-Reference-Series-Power-Cords/p/14644872/category=3461168

These great performers also use the same triple twisted design.

There must be something good going on with this geometry? That is why I want to apply it.

• Finally add, Oyaide plugs at each end (046, 079 or 004) and fill it with special crystal mineral against vibration, EMI, RFI, see:

First of all, would the geometry and design help you guys think?

Would it be worthwhile to try?

I can get Audioquest nrg4 relatively cheap. It has to be Audioquest wiring for me.
If your components are lousy it might help. Otherwise your component power supplies should do an excellent job of filtering out mains and EM noise from the AC power. A power supply (if any good) is already supposed to do what you are trying to do with a power cord.
I have tried braided geometries and they are much more beneficial when compared to a more standard cable geometries.

However, it gets more complicated as you delve further into the "science" of cables.

The best geometry I have tried/built is this Helix (i.e. spiral) geometry detailed on my web site...

It provides a very "black" background together with a very dynamic presentation with a well controlled and deeper bottom end.

Feedback from people that have tried them has been extremely positive - reports indicate they are beneficial regardless of the "quality" of the component they are attached to, but lower-end components will show a significant improvements e.g. are my own componetns...
- NAIM amp - improvements were subtle, but more refined - e.g. venue acoustics more evident and focussed
- Simmaudio Moon LP5.3RC phono state - improved top end clarity and precise image, improved attack
- Blusesound Node 2 - significant improvements across the board, i.e. dynamics, clarity, image, bass control

I use a 10 gauge version for amps and distribution and a 13 gauge version for components, but I am now thinking about a lighter 16 gauge version for digital components

Unfortunately this cable is a DIY solution and is yet to be produced commercially.

FYI: Anticables and Lessloss have both been producing braided cables for a few years and they have some very nice options

Other cables I believe would offer better perfformance than braided PC’s come from Nordost (expensive) and KLE Innovations (more resonably priced)

Hope that helps - Steve

I guess my components are lousy, because after trying one Audioquest Thunder Power cord in my system, I purchased three Hurricane and two Tornado power cords. I had Wireworld Platinum and Silver Eclipse power cords,  had a home audition of Shunyata Sigma and Alpha power cords. I'm so thrilled with my Audioquest power cords. I say have a home audition of the Thunder Power cord and let your own ears decide.
Thanks for the input above.

Here’s some more info on the existing geometry and gauge of Audioquest nrg4:

Gauge: 14 AWG aggregate
Inside: 2x19 AWG PSC+, 2x19 AWG PSC
Outside: 5x20 AWG PSC+, 5x20 AWG PSC

Any ideas on what to do exactly with the Live, Neutral and Ground found in the NRG4? How to twist it?

I guess "Inside" above means the "Ground" conductor in 4 x 19awg?

"Outside" means 5 x 20awg for "Neutral" and "Live" respectively?

By the way Garth Powell is on record (see below) that the braided design is not for sound quality, but only to make the cable flexible

this is review also contains some interesting material on his testing regimen
Garth Powell is on record (see below) that the braided design is not for sound quality, but only to make the cable flexible

Pehaps that is the case in his design - however ...
- if you take a 12 gauge extension cable from home depot
-  remove the outer sleeve i.e. extract the conductors
- braid the conductors togther and attach IEC/mains plugs

The braided cable will actually outperfrom Furutech 10 gauge bulk cables that have just had Connectors installed at each end
- improved image, bass depth and dynamic performance

I have observed significant improvements on my system using braided PC's - but the HELIX design is by far the best.

A friend just went through the Home Depot braiding exercise on his guitar amp and reported significant improvements over his stock cables.

I also use a braided power cable on my bass amp
- deeper bass with much more control

Regards - Steve

+1 shadorne! A well-designed amp (most everything these days) needs NO fancy (and pricey) PC for optimum performance! People that claim otherwise are DELUSIONAL! Does anybody pump gas with a fancy hose hoping for improved mileage? Of course not! If I found ANY benefit to an aftermarket PC I would have been using them for the past 40 + years! 
Guess that makes me and about 15 others quite delusional :-)

The following amps I and others have tried good power cords on the following amps - they showed discenible improvements in sound quality...
Audio Research
Cambridge Audio
Bel Canto

On the guitar side of the fence her are three I have tried

Or perhaps they are just poorly designed?

I guess this debate will go on at infinitum - just sayin :-)

Regards - Steve
Just found this thread...I would like to ask a question of ricred1 if I may divert a bit from the topic?

I have experimented a little with powercords with mostly positive results. I recently purchased 2 Audioquest Hurricanes and I am continuously stunned at how good they are. Did you try a Shunyata power cord on a CD/SACD player?
 I currently have a Shunyata  Alpha Digital on mine.
I had a Shunyata Venom on my DAC, but replaced it with Wireworld Platinum. I never tried Shunyata’s Digital power cords. Shunyata power cords don't work well in my current system. I currently have a Tornado power cord on my Chord Dave DAC and Antipodes DS GT music server. I will replace both of the Tornados with Hurricanes in a month or so.

It should be pointed out the big news, the headline really, for the new Storm series of Audioquest power cords is that the directionality of all wires in the cables is controlled during the manufacturing process.  Yes, I know the power cord is AC. Please, no angry private messages. 
Thanks for the response!
I think you have some idea already how good the AQ storm series are if you have Tornados. Let us know what you think of the Hurricanes when you get them. I just can't believe how good they are. I'm trying to think where else I might want to put some (amp,preamp, CD, ect..).

My plan was to add another one to my Pass Labs amp, instead of a High Fidelity cable, but Pass Amps don't respond real well to power cord upgrades. According to Pass...
“According to Pass.” 😬

One can’t help wondering how Pass amps respond to fancy fuses, uh, according to Pass... 🙄
I already have three Hurricane power 20 amp Hurricane on my Torus RM20 power conditioner, one 20 amp Hurricane on my Jeff Rowland 625 S2 amp, and one 15 amp Hurricane on my Jeff Rowland Corus preamp. I'm purchasing two more, because I want to have all Hurricane power cords on my components.
"Pass Amps don't respond real well to power cord upgrades. According to Pass... " Funny, I have Rowland and he says the same thing, but I hear a clear improvement across all frequencies. The only way to know is to try it in your own system.

In my poking around this area, I've found that the plugs on the 2 ends make the biggest difference.  I use top Furutech plugs with great success.
One can’t help wondering how Pass amps respond to fancy fuses, uh, according to Pass... 🙄
Yea, really!

The only way to know is to try it in your own system.
I think that's what needs to happen. Listen for yourself. Very interesting Jeff Rowland makes the same claims. Good to hear your as impressed as I am with the Hurricanes. 

 I use top Furutech plugs with great success.
I agree. I have Furutech  FI28 Rhodium connectors on an AudioArt cable and it was a big improvement over a stock powercord. Connectors are the first thing the power has to go through, so yes,they make a difference.