Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8...OMG!!

I seriously can’t believe what these cables are doing to the sound in my rig.  I had them awhile ago and couldn’t justify the price (used) so I pulled back and returned them.  I grabbed them again yesterday since my local stereo shop still had them hanging there. 

Well let me say that I’ve always been a believer in cables making changes to the sound because I can hear it but I’ve never had speaker cables that changed the sound as dramatically as this.  The way it’s untangling the music, the way its making everything sound real, the way it’s full top to bottom without any harshness is pretty crazy.  

This is on a system that isn’t highly resolving yet all of these differences are completely noticeable.  I’m not talking about a little more resolution here, a little more top end sparkle there, fuller bass here...  I’m talking about did I just get a different amp, this can’t be the same dac, these can’t be the same speakers, kind of changes.

I’ve had this sound in my systems before but that was with higher end gear for sure... it makes me wonder how much I was leaving on the table without these cables in my rig at that time.

Have any of you had similar experiences with the Solo Crystal 8’s as well?  I’m thinking that these are end game cables for me.
and they like to call mono 'solo'
I can't say my experience was a dramatic as yours but I'm very impressed and satisfied with the AP Oval 12 cables I switched to after trying many others.
I had a different experience with these - they sounded a little worse than the Cardas I had, so I got rid of them again.
No where near as good as the Townshed F1 Fractal speaker cables.
I switched from siltech to ap a while ago. Their crystal oval line is awesome but wait till you try their silver apex. Wow. Also I put in their golden oval from my amp. Best cables I’ve ever heard and reasonably priced and best yet Made in America. 
For the money, these are the best speaker cables I have heard. Others have told me that the cable just below the Solo Crystal is perhaps an even better value.
My no name in wall speaker cable that i bought in a 500ft roll sounds insane so i can only imagine what something with a name that long is trying to claim. 
I have Monitor Audio’s bi-wired with Analysis Plus Purple Oval 12s. They are fantastic! They are very musical providing very good natural highs and mids while giving great bass that is deep, solid, and very fast not muddy.
I love Analysis Plus!!!!!