Cry for Help! DEAD Mark Levinson 335

Unless I can get good advice on this, it may be a total write-off...A 335 GOING TO THE DUMP!
The symptoms: doesn't power up - hums and shuts down within 2 secs
The problem: something in one of the voltage gain boards (the smaller boards on top) - the other, good board does let the amp work perfectly on either one channel (swapping sides via an adaptor cable)
The bigger problem: no service center here in New Zealand, too heavy to ship to the USA, no schematics available! And I'm not an electronics technician. I can solder and put in new components, though.
So I'm hoping someone has had the same problem and was able to fix it, and tell me how to pinpoint the faulty component(s), any helpful suggestions are very highly appreciated!
Thanks everyone for your interest.
ship the boards to ML

RIP 335.

If you can solder take the shotgun approach to the board and replace everything.
If you search the forums, I think you will find that it's hard to get independent repair shops to work on ML products because the part values they use are difficult/impossible to determine and they do not make their schematics available to others.  If ML will do a repair on the individual board that's most likely your only option, and it doesn't hurt to ask, but they are not known for being consumer friendly on price, 
Thanks for your responses so far - not the eagerly awaited silver bullet yet...
If I should attempt to send just the board for repair by an official ML service center, which one would you recommend as capable and customer friendly?

Be prepared to spend the current market value of the amps to facilitate an authorized ML repair.  Make sure you really love the amp before you proceed.