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Scams in the audio industry?
I think we should all keep in mind this quote by the noble prize winning physicist Richard Feynman, "The easiest person to fool is yourself". 
Inexpensive Magnepan simple DIY modification to increase overall depth/sound clarity
I apologize if I came off a little harsh, but it does not make sense to spend money to fix a problem when eliminating the cause is so much more effective.  This is a little like getting a splinter and using all kinds of dressings and pads to minim... 
Inexpensive Magnepan simple DIY modification to increase overall depth/sound clarity
This mod is nonsense.  You want a free and far superior one - just bypass the cheap attenuator  block internally.  Very easy to do and obvious when you remove the back plate. 
Who does Krell KSA-150 rebuilds/recapping ??
My experience with Krell service was not good.  If you have older equipment pre Dan departure you are probably on your own. 
Help - Phono stages dying!!
I am not familiar with the design of the VPI Prime, but the problem seems more likely (than static discharge) to be some intermittent contact between the right channel ground and an AC hot chassis.  
FUSES, Finally!?
If you want to perform a free short term experiment to determine if fuses can make a difference, take a small piece of heavy gauge wire or metal and bridge the fuse holder.  Your equipment of course will not be protected during the test but the li... 
Wobbly XLR Connectors on Pass X250.8. What to do?
If they are Nuetrik connectors there is a hole in the center used for locking the connector to the shell.  Take a small flat blade screwdriver and turn it to the right about 90 degrees to lock. 
Mcintosh, Krell or Mark Lenvison Power amps
Another Krell vote from me.  I have a pair of KSA 250s powering my Divas.  Been happy with them for about 25 years now. 
Krell KBX crossover.
If your using an active crossover I assume you would just bypass the passive. 
Amp repair cost — is this right?
I recapped my 380S a couple of years ago.  Not too difficult a job.  It is a wonderful classic piece. 
Mark Levinson preamp no. 38 vs 38s vs 380 vs 380s
I love my 380S.  Since these units are getting old and the case has no ventilation, you may want to consider a recap. 
Recapping Krell FPB-Monoblocks - Need Advice
If all you need is a recap any good technician should be able to do it.  No need to send your equipment across the country.  I would not operate the amps if they easily overheat to avoid additional damage. 
List of most high end analog active crossovers ever made.
Threshold PCXKrell KBXKrell KRXBryston 10BPass Labs XVR-1First Watt B4 
Krell KBX crossover.
The KBX is a superb crossover.  I am using one with my biamped Divas.  Unfortunately, modifying the crossover frequency and slope is difficult since Krell has no documentation.  I have information for the B&W 801 speaker so if you are able to ... 
Magnepan LRS compared to the .7 or the 1.7i ?
Don't bother with the fuse and jumper.  Just do a simple rewiring to bypass them both (no soldering required and easily reversible).  I did this to my MMGs and it was worthwhile.