Crunch time: headphones $150....

Looking at Sennheiser hd 555, Denon ahd 1000, audio techs that were in Stereophile(SAMS SPACE)...any thoughts?
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My cans are getting cheap as I think they are going to introduce a new model. I have AKG 701s which are down to $299. Not your price point but they are great. My headphone amp is a SinglePower Extreme. Admittedly a high end headphone set up but if you heard it you would say that they are that good.
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grado's all the the way, just pick a model in your budget
Grado 125, no question.
Grado 125....yeah!!
I use the Sen 650's in balanced mode with Headroom balanced amp and Cardas balanced cable...The best sound I've ever heard.
You should be able to grab the excellent Grado SR80's (or even SR125 if you're lucky) for that money.
I stopped using my Sennheiser HD280's after buying the Grado's. Some find the Grado's a bit bright, but for me that helped the fact that my old ears have a bit of top end "roll-off"!
I love grados as well, however had to get rid of them years ago for one issue, they are efficient, great sound, and really top to bottom "Realism in sound"
However due to the open back they are as loud as a Clock radio going off in the next room.
I have needed to go to sealed backs in the past, some of sonys top of the line studios are nearly as good as grados, more costly in some cases...

I am currently considering the new top of the line KOSS, they look killer and have the spec's to match, I have had great luck with Koss in the past, they are pretty well priced as well up to about 150 bucks street price... They have a very high impedance so they can be driven by virtually any headphone amp or in some cases maybe even a cheap CD player with volume control from the RCA's out.

Anybody used the KOSS here? I think they are the MV1's...They would seem to do it all.
i remember all the kosses,i think i had 3 pairs.The pro 4a's were the stuffin those days,ill have to look at those.
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Grado SR-125............real simple...they're terrific.