DAC repair - Entec Number Cruncher

I have an Entec Number Cruncher 3.0 that had been consistently maintained and upgraded only by Bob Crump (RIP). Something inside has blown. Can anybody recommend a repair tech? I live in SoCal, but am willing to send it out. Thx.
You could contact Paul at Pro Digital Inc. in Broomall PA. He services and repairs studio digital gear. He repaired the plate amps of my Avantgarde SUB225s after a lightning strike. If you do a Google search his web site should come up.
Steakster, keep us posted on how it goes. I have a 3.0 as well (only a handful have that major upgrade) which the last time I checked was working fine.
if Damien Martin was involved in orig design of NC, may want to see if he would be interested in helping with repair. I saw he had post on WhatsBest forum under spectral gear -long time back. He's in Calif somewhere- I have Crosby moded spectral amps/pre & communicated with him few yrs ago.