Creek 5350 SE vs YBA YA 201

My current bedroom system consists of a Creek 5350 SE Integrated amp, NHT Classic Three speakers and an Oppo BDP 83 Special Universal Disk Player. ALL of my wiring (speaker, interconnects, power) are SignalCables’ best. I use the system for both 2 channel music and DVD video.

My dilemma is the amplifier. It has served me well for many years but has been experiencing channel dropout for the last year. I questioned the forum on this topic before and got excellent responses. I was able to cure the problem for awhile by cleaning the ribbon cable and the motorized selector pot. It has since gotten worse (all the time). I’ve identified the problem as the motorized input selector pot. I purchased a new one from Creek in the UK but it’s beyond my capability to install it which takes me to my question.

Has anyone had an opportunity to compare the YBA YA201 to the Creek 5350 SE. I would consider the YBA if it were equal to or an improvement to the Creek.

I’m not sure if I want to keep the Creek going by sending it to Roy Hall for repair or try something newer. I'd love to have the new Creek Destiny but don't have the funds.

I have not compared, but am very happy with the YA-201 in bedroom system, running a pair of Vienna Haydn Grands.
I have not heard the Creek but can heartily recommend the YBA YA-201. It is a robust, extremely well-built, integrated with a neutral presentation.

Currently using one to drive PSB Stratus Goldi speakers in a 20' x 18' x 8' room.
What would it cost in money and time to fix the Creek? You like the sound, it is currently unsellable, and you take a chance on any other amp. I certainly love mine.

You've just about read my mind in several respects. Yes, I will have it repaired so it is sellable but I don't want to experience any downtime without the amp which leads me to looking into something else that could be used while it is in repair. Lastly, the ONLY thing I don't like about the Creek is the motorized pots, I'd prefer electronic switching which leads to my interest in the YBA (with the added bonus of a slight power increase). Thanks for your thoughts.

Roy Hall designated Mitch Singerman in California for the repair. I talked to Mitch at length regarding the problem as well as 5350 SE Philosophy. The man knows this particular component inside out, I can see why Roy taps him. He'll repair it in whatever way it requires and bring it to factory specs for extremely reasonable money. I'm very excited.

Instead of fretting about downtime without music while its away for repair, I'll play my neglected Martin guitar and make my own music.

Thanks to all of you for the great replies. I'll let you know how the saga turns out after I listen to it for awhile.

Rel2, I think your choice was correct, even more so because you will now pick up your Martin. There was a thread about musical instruments in the room where the stereo is played and how this may cause problems with the sound. I say, music is music, and if you make your own, that's even better. Have fun! I have marked this thread just in case my Creek ever needs work. Thanks for the information.
REL2, good luck having the Creek repaired. I sent my Creek 5350SE to Mitch Singerman three times to repair a channel dropout. The first two times Mitch couldn't hear anything wrong with the amp. The third time, he replaced the volume pot and cables. It worked for a while and then I was experiencing channel dropout once again.

I then sent the amp to a tech who replaced all three ribbon cables and he hard wired the connections. It's worked perfectly for the last two years. In fact, I think it sounds better than ever.

So good luck and I hope Mitch repairs your amp. Mitch is a great guy, knows what he's doing and makes every effort to fix the problem. But I think there's something wrong with the ribbon cable Creek supplies, or at least there was something wrong with the replacement cable in my amp.