Creek to Wharfedale, is good, but what cable?

I'm looking for suggestions as to a nice speaker cable to use. I'm running a Creek 4330 to a pair of Wharfedale Pacific Evo 30's. I am only single wiring them for the moment, and am planning to add a power amp for biamping in the future. The cable I use at the moment is just generic wire I had, and I can tell this is affecting the sound I get in a negative way.
The sound I get at the moment is very warm and clear with smoooth treble and clear bass. This combination errs towards the polite side with some music I listen to so I could use a slightly bright cable, I also want to maintain strong control of the bass.
I'm not sure as to what price range of cables I should be looking at but bear in mind I will be biamping at some point and hence buying another load, so I don't want sky high prices. I am also based in the UK, I was possibly thinking of ixos gamma 6003.
Any earth shattering suggestions anyone?!
hi,I am waiting on my black evo 30's,the source cd player i shall be using would be the cambridge cd6 [a little bright]and audioquest speaker cable [slate]also very detailed and a little bright,reference ultra link spk wire sounded good too[when i bought them],and kimber 8tc, this should help,and try bi- wire.........................can't wait later