CPD orSACD player w/built in remote volume control

Greetings all. I've been going preamp-less for several years now by driving my amps directly from the source. I've used Kinergetics, Theta Miles, and the SACD 2.0 and Droplet 5.0 from Consonance. Aside from the players from Wadia, Levinson, and Resolution Audio, who else puts out a CDP or SACD player with a built in remote volume control?
I'm using the Droplet presently to good effect but would like to consider others. The top loading aspect and size limits where I can locate the player. Any recommendations would be appreciated but I'm looking for players in the $1500-$2500 range on the used market. Thanks!
Do a search in the forums under " cd player with volume control " .
The oppo DVD players and the Blu-ray player have volume on the remote, but they are not in your price range. However, several "modded" versions are available.
Thanks Riley804. I tried a search of the forums before posting but, apparently, I typed in the search wrong because nothing came up. There are some interesting options listed. Mtrot-the Oppos certainly are a decent option, especially modded. I have a 981 presently and, on SACD, makes my Droplet seem thin and slightly lifeless. I guess the Super Audio for you. Thanks guys.
Several of the Cary's have remote volume.There are always some in the classifieds.I have the CDP-1 and really like it.Good luck.