Constellation Audio owners

I just purchased a Constellarion Audio 1.0 Inspiration stereo amp. I am having trouble turning it on. Press the bar on the front nothing changes. I've held it for 3, 5, 10 seconds. I pressed and held. nothing. Does anybody else have these issues with this gear? Does this seem to be a problem with this gear? Point is, how do you know when it's you're own stupidity or the switch just isn't working?


the dealer tells me the same thing the manual says. I’m either dumb as hell or it is bad.

A. Make sure the master power switch on the rear of the amplifier is turned on.
B. Check to make sure the AC cord is connected to the amplifier and to a wall outlet.
C. Flip the master power switch off and on again. This will reset the amplifier’s internal circuit breaker. D. Check the circuit breaker in the electrical box to make sure it has not been tripped. If it has, check to make sure a short circuit does not exist at the amplifier’s speaker terminals or the speaker’s input terminals. If no short circuit exists, flip the breaker on and off to reset it.
E. If none of these conditions restores power, it is likely one of the amplifier’s internal fuses is blown. Do not attempt to change the fuse yourself—the amplifier requires the use of special high-voltage fuses that are not commonly available. Contact your Constellation Audio dealer for service.

Maybe I wasn't clear. The led is glowing red. I press the bar on the front of the amp and it never changes to the flashing green. I did contact the factory and they gave me a sequence very similar to the manual. I have not tried it yet fearing negative results. Whatever happened to the good old on off switch? Many people suggested to me before I bought this to buy Audionet instead. Maybe I should've listened. Thanks.