Component video switcher

Any suggestions about a unit that accepts two sets of component video inputs that can be switched to provide a single output? I realize most newer pre-pros and receivers will do this, but my Proceed PAV was designed when S video was hot, and I don't really want to replace it. The application is a feed for front projection from an HDTV satellite receiver and a DVD player. Now those two are switched at my Sony 36 XBR.

Also, for those of us who have forgotten this stuff, is there any connection between RGB and DVI or HDMI?

Check into the Audio Authority 1154 available at

DVI and HDMI are digital, RGB is analog. There are DVI/HDMI dongles, but nothing simple for RGB/DVI or RGB/HDMI.
I just purchased a key digital switcher that does exactly what you are looking for. Nicely built and I can detect no drop off in picture quality using it.
I bought an Inday 4x1 component switch. It's said to be able to handle large bandwidth, i.e., HD signals.

Check ebay. They occasionally have some there. I got mine for less than $100. Also, I can't attest for the performance, but I believe I saw a RCA model at Walmart.