Best processor/switcher/scaler for new ht system ?

I am building a HT from my sacd multi channel system. So far I have a Sony sacd and a sony p9000 es multi channel preamp, it has no processor. I am putting the 5.1 analog outputs from the sacd player and the 5.1 outs from a oppo player through it. Then using the bypass on my 5.5 vtl preamp.These are balanced to front left and right, and into vtl mb450 mono blocks ,then to B&W 802ds.For the center I am going to another vtl mb450 but with rca to the center channel ,to a B&W HTM1d.The rears I am using a unbalanced stereo conrad johnson mv75a.In addition to the sacd and oppo, my sources are a vpi scout, macintosh mr78 tuner ,playsation2,Xbox360 and hd cable box. I have put component cables from my optoma Hd70 to a radio shack hd componet switcher and am not happy with pq on the xbox or hdcable and its only two channel,I have run an hdmi from the projector as well, direct to the oppo player and it work great but no imputs to access the processor. The hd70 only has one hdmi imput.
So need something for the HD cable and games {plan on getting a playstation 3 when they become available}, right now I have them running 2 channel going via the vtl5.5.
I am not concered with two channel because I have the (5.5) The piece doesn't need to have tuner(mr78) or phono (vtl phono preamp ). I would like it to upscale,but the hd70 only outputs 720p or1080i.It doesn't need a second seperate zone. I would prefer to buy the best but not waste money on things I already covered. Important to have great scaling,switching and surround sound. Thanks for any help.
Without a budget, I will assume you are looking for the best of the best. In my opinion, the top four are and not in any order: Chord DSP 8000, Meridien 800, Theta Casablanca with extreme dacs, and Mark Levinson 40 or 51
i would avoid an 'all-in-one' processor/switcher/scaler for both video and audio. the Video side is changing too fast to justify getting today's SOTA video connections in your audio processor. you will get very frustrated when the new source hardware you desire won't be optimized thru even a 3 month old all-in-one audio/video processor.

the exception would be if you are choosing to ignore Blue-Ray, HD-DVD and SOTA cable and satellite. if conventional DVD and 720p HD are as far as you are going in the next 5 years in the video direction then any current one-box all-in-one video/audio processor will do just fine. most recievers built in the last 2 years can handle 720p switching.

it's better to have a separate video scaler/video switcher and then output the digital audio from that into your existing audio processor. all your video sources will soon use HDMI 1.3 which will also carry lossless hi-rez multi-channel.

the best current scaler/video switcher is the Crystalio II from Pixel Magic. it is software upgradeable via a USB port and will soon be HDMI 1.3 compatable as well as do Picture-in-Picture. it outputs 1080p and will accept any current video source connection at any resolution and then upscale to any resolution.

it is the best and should be ideal as the hub of the very best HT systems.
I second MikeLs assessment after having looked at the Anthem D2 and trying to make a call between all in one and separates. I just ordered the Crystalio2 after having tried the Lumagen HDQ and after having tried DVDO's and ordering and cancelling the DVDO VP50. Its 1080p capability makes the processor inside my Ruby seem like a toy and has flexibility and upgradability galore. I'd also like to add that the Crystalio has an absolutely amazing user interface that is far more intuitive and easier to set than the others. The feature set on the C2 is very rich as well. I also found that it's noise reduction was very welcome. Of all the audio and video components I've owned and/or tried this is the one that I can say has more lust factor. I did not want to send back the demo piece I tried and can't wait for the C2 to show up from Hong Kong.
Thanks Mike,
That is a great idea to break it up,but I think Crystalio11 though looks awesume, might be a little over kill considering my hd70 wont output 1080p and the price should come down buy the time I upgrade the projector.
Whats the best scaler that outputs 720p? But I still need a ssp.
Thanks Craig
Craig, i would strongly recommend going to, going to the video processor forum, and then searching for that. AudioGon is great for audio.....but AVS is where all the info is on video.

i am not current on your specific question; but have recently been researching 1080p solutions. i just purchased Blue Ray and HD-DVD and am about to upgrade from a 720p DLP front projector to a 1080p front projector.

currently i own the Lexicon MC-12 processor; which will do HD component switching. i need a digital HDMI switcher which led me to AVS and the Crystalio II.

good luck.

Have you looked into the Anthem Statement D2??

Great sound and an excellent video processor as well.
Thanks Mike, I gotta say I love your room! I posted on avs under htm450mb there the same time I posted here but no reply.This is all kinda new to me I was really loving sacd ,phono and just now starting to embrace HT. I was looking at the Ruby and then the Pearl and I figured if I could get a 720p projector under a 1000, the only thing I would be missing was blueray. I have a 1080p sharp aqous 42 lcd in my den that I could watch hddvd and blueray with. I watch the news in the morning on it and my kids love it for games.
I didnt think about scaling, and mistakenley figured it would be years before I could get the full use out of 1080p. I use a pioneer elite 620pro in the bedroom setup as ht with denon receiver and had been where most of my viewing was done and I would listen ,in the listening room in the basement. Well this summer I ripped all the walls and ceiling out and I built the dedicated HT room. I was a little aprehensive about going all out for fear I would not want leave the comfort of my bed, but the 114 screen and incredible sound have been drawing in more and more . Much more than I would go down to listen. I am begining to wonder if I made a mistake and should have bought a projector that a least cost half what my centerchannel did.
Kennyt the d2, and mc 8 are at the top of my list ,they are beatiful ,but I am having a hard time justifing the cost because I just got a new vtl5.5 preamp and I bought a mint macintosh mr78 tuner . It is tempting to blow them out and just get a d2 or mc8 but my only concern is that I love the two channel sound I get now ,I have spent alot of time and money acheiving it and I question if any tubeless equipment(without a second mortgage) is going to give me that level of two channel performance. I am seriously considering going with crytalio and getting a used ssp and see how that looks on the hd70 and if i cant live with it upgrade.Whats the best deal on one? Thanks Craig
I would skip the Lexicon, to my ears they are still a little grainy, and digital sounding. Clearly as those above have posted, separates will allow you more future proofing, and video is blowing up right now, faster than anything else (except maybe PS3's) right now in this field is.

FWIW for an all in one solution, I like the D2. Everyone who has it loves it, and though not cheap, it's worth it in my mind.