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Aerial Acoustics vs. Joseph Audio
Had 8b's. Loved them. Went and listened to 7t's and got the pitch that they were going to blow away my obsolete speakers. It never happened! I was definitely underwhelmed and not as impressed by them. I'm willing to try again, maybe it was the roo... 
Acoustic Room Treatment – any simple solutions?
I'd second that recommendation. Very happy with their attentiveness and professionalism. 
Which component is most responsible?
Assuming a competent (or better) recording, I vote for the room as the component that can do the most harm to the sound. 
Amp advice for my HT
You'll be hsppy with the HP2 or 3's. I loved mine. Actually wish I had done some side by side comparisons first, cause I have no confidence that my Theta Dreadnaught is better! 
What was you most expensive accidental damage?
I have yet experienced such a loss, but I have had a guest/friend put their tall beverage on top of my Theta Dreadnaught. I popped out of my seat so fast, it looked like I sat on a needle! 
Does soundproofing improve or harm sound?
Soundproofing keeps the sound of airplanes and crying children out of the room and minimized the sounds of explosions in the rest of your house. With regard to getting a flat response and killing slap echo within the room, that's a whole other bal... 
Dreadnaught a Bit Bright?
Thanks for the comments. I'll look into different IC options. 
Critiques of Equipment
Quick correction. I never heard the IPod/Wilson combo. I believe it was in something written by Robert Harley. If memory serves me correctly, he said it was one of the best sounding set-ups at the show and it was a shocker when the IPod was reveal... 
Critiques of Equipment
As a follow up, I don't look for threads by certain individuals, therefore I read a pretty good cross-section of notes by different people. It just struck me this morning as I was reading the various comments on the Sony DVP-9000ES. The unit was g... 
Is my setup mid-fi or hi-fi?
How about mid-hi?I have a neighbor who can't place her order at the restaurant without asking the waitress what she would eat and whether each and every entree is good! Who cares what someone else thinks? Decide for yourself. Does it sound good? D... 
Component video switcher
I bought an Inday 4x1 component switch. It's said to be able to handle large bandwidth, i.e., HD signals.Check ebay. They occasionally have some there. I got mine for less than $100. Also, I can't attest for the performance, but I believe I saw a ... 
What surround speakers to pair with Aerial LR5s
I'll jump on that band wagon. I bought one pair here for $1600 and am in the market for a second pair. I don't listen to surround music, so dipole is my movie preference. I've toyed with some mono's as an experiment and the localized sound is anno... 
powering multiroom installation
Checkout the Russound A-bus system. I have the 8 room, 2 zone, 4 input module plus in one room I have a local input connector. I have Speakercraft in a couple of rooms and the system sounds real good.Add a nice 5.1/7.1 receiver to drive the family... 
Aerial Acoustic Model 7Bs vs. Model 9s?
I've got the 8b's and have never been disappointed with their performance on music. I've driven them via Proceed HPA-2's and a Theta Dreadnaught. Heck, I'm even thinking of foregoing the sub for theater applications. The bass is not lacking from m... 
Proceed vs. McIntosh
They are honoring the warrantees.