Coaxial or Toslink digital output from a PC

Dear friends, I am looking for a way to connect a Bel Canto Dac-2 to a PC. Would love to get a card with coaxial digital output but will settle for one with Toslink. Want to use my I-Tunes library when I have friends over, don't want them using my Linn Ikemi after a few drinks. The Apple Airport donĀ“t sound right, would like something better. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks,
Hepl - what about the Airport doesn't sound right? I'm planning to stream music through an Airport Express -- are you thinking that will a direct connection will be better?
Try the M-Audio Dio2496. It is serving me very well in this capacity. I'm currently using the Toslink out right now because of the long distance it has to travel.

Mcmanus, What I don't like about the Airport Express is the fact that I am limited to use a 1/8 headphone to rca cable. Both channels share the same ground connection. Besides I would love to use the upsampling feature of the Bel Canto 2. Regards,
Or you can by-pass the sound card altogether & get what I just hooked up.
USB into the Pro Hi-Fi. Optic, coax & RCA outputs all in one, best PC sound I know.
I'm running digital coax to the input on my Audio Logic Dac, can switch source to my CEC transport on the fly from the front of the Dac and it sounds SUPERB.
Why dont you get an adapter for the AE so you can use the Toslink output to drive a glass fiber cable to your Bel canto DAC? Sounds quite good. Even better when modified to have a Coax output. Your Bel Canto is not my cup of tea, but that is personal preference.
Many thanks to all, will check the Xitel option and a cable from Hewlett Packard that plugs into the pc and has a
digital coaxial output. Regards
Hepl - The Air Port Express has a optical Digital out in the same jack as the audio out. Check below under interfaces. Sorry I can't tell you more because I don't have one but I did notice this feature when I was looking at it in the store.