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Opinions on budget TT
My vote goes for the Rega P3-24. Lots ofcool upgrades available for the Rega. 
Manufacturers don't get it. make tubes visible.
The main reason for having the tubes are covered with a cage or not exposed at all is fear of lawsuits. Under state and federal laws the manufacturer of a product is liable for any personal injury resulting from a defect in manufacture or improper... 
The problem is that the Aktive cards are used in systems where the speakers used have no internal crossovers. The Aktive cards are electronic crossovers. Linn, Naim and Krell are among some of the companies that have used them. I suggest that you ... 
Giglr,Please be advised that depending on your Klout serial number after the Aktive Card is removed you will have to install a jumper or solder back two terminals. 
Best speakers ever 4 small room?
Totem Mani - 2. 
Low volume bookshelf spkrs that go from 20 to 20k?
The bookshelfs speakers that will do the job are:1. Totem Mani-2.2. Dynaudio Special 25.Both of them can ge bought here, used, but you may need to raise your budget. I will use the money set aside for a sub and go with either one of this two speak... 
Dual or single subwoofers?
I use two subs (Linn AV-5150) on my 2 channel system and love the results. When I got the first one and used it in a mono configuration (L & R signal blended internally) it didn´t sounded right. Then I got a second one and used them in stereo ... 
Linn Genki - Variable outputs
I used to own a Genki and a pair of LK-240. My dealer told me to get a preamp, they ruled out the Kolektor because that what it's inside the Genki. I got a Wakonda and it made a great improvement. 
best sounding small speakers
Totem Mani-2, Dynaudio Special 25 or Paradigm Signature Monitor. 
Can a PC match the quality of the best CD players?
Edesilva,I agree with you. I am using a Bel Canto Dac2. To avoid the "noise" and "ground loops" I changed the Coax for an Optical cable and it does sound cleaner. I use an external hard drive (1,000 GB) and the I-Tunes program to store all my cds ... 
Computer to Intergraded amp hookup
You can go wireless from your computer if you buy an Apple Airport Express and the Monster Cable Kit. Use the optical cable to connect the Airport to your dac. 
Is iPod Digital Output Possible?
Joeylawn36111,This is my third hard drive. I keep running out of space, I do burn the entire disks. Of course I always hear the same songs over and over, about 30% of the library. But disk space is getting cheaper and it's easier for me to burn th... 
Is iPod Digital Output Possible?
Jax2,I tought of the same, what I ended up doing is the following since as you said it the product doesn´t exist:1. Burning all of my cds into a 1,000 GB external drive using the WAV format.2. Using a Xitel Pro-Link from my laptop USB to send an o... 
Region Free DVD Players.
I bought a Cambridge Audio, model Azur-540D. It has played all the dvds I have used. USA NTSC and PAL(all regions) that I have bought from Europe, Australia & Japan. 
Best DAC under $2K
Friends,Just bought a Bel Canto Dac2 from a fellow member. Thanks for all the help. The North Star 192 does have some nice features but the deal on the Bel Canto was too good to pass.