CJ:MF 2300,MF 2500A or Evolution 2000?

I own an old MF 200.I want to upgrade and to preserve my current tube like sound.I also need a strong grip on my Snell type B speakers.If anybody had any experiences with abovementioned amps,please help.Or maybe i should just stick with my MF 200?Thanks.
I'v owned the MF 2300, and I now currently own the MF 2500A. The 2500A is much better then the 2300. It has much better detail in the midrange and its much smoother sounding. The 2500A is one of my favorite solid state amps. The 2500A is also better then the 2500. I'v not heard the Evolution 2000. But here's 3 posts about it. http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?aamps&974249055&openfrom&1&4#1I
The 2500A is the best way to go, there is no comparison (so to speak) with the older models. Their new products reflect numerous upgrades, better components and new technology. The end result is a better sounding amp. Clean, fast, detailed, everything you would expect from CJ. They will introduce a new SS amp soon. You may want to wait and listen to that and then compare.
I second Doug99's comments pertaining to MF2500A being much better then the 2500. I had mine upgraded about a year ago and have been very impressed with the improvement.The amp has no problem driving my Thiel 3.6's.
I own a CJ MF2300A and it is hard to imagine a better sounding amp. I am quite pleased with mine. Although I have not heard the 2500A to make a comparison, the MF2300A garnered perfect reviews on audioreview.com which includes my review. The most profound difference would be the older MF2300A uses mosfets output devices and the newer 2500A uses bi-polar. Mosfets have a more tube-like sound than bipolars however they tend to clip a little sooner than bipolars. I have yet though to get the clipping indicators to even blink on my MF 2300A regardless of volume level. I would like sometime in the future to compare CJ's newer models to my MF2300A.