Conrad-Johnson MF2300A vs 2500A - Opinions

For anyone who has compared both of these on the same system, which is the overall better amp? Is there a significant difference? I'm primarily interested in a large soundstage and excellent imaging, but everything else matters (bass articulation, midrange sweetness, etc.). I will be listening on Infinity RS 8Kappa with a CJ PF2 preamp. I currently have a Krell 400xi as well as Hafler 9500 and Odyssey Stratos amps (over which I'm looking for an improvement). I Listen mostly to jazz, vocals/choral, classical.

Many thanks
The bigger in numbers they get,the leaner they become.My personal favourite is MF 200.It has a soul and the muscle.As a matter of fact i compared it in my friend's system with Krell 300s driving B&W 801/III and it clearly outperformed and outpowered it.2500A is a new school sound of CJ,i found it to have a suckout in lower mids/upper bass (in my system)that made the whole music listening experience unbearable.What speakers do you have?
I have Infinity RS 8Kappa. I believe the 2500A has bipolar output devices, while the 2300A has MOSFETs. This could be the reason for the leaner sound (but supposedly better bass control) of the 2500A? Does the MF200 have MOSFET output devices as well?

MF200 FET, MF 2300 MOSFET, MF2500,2500A BiPolar. I like the 2500(A) best. It definitly has the best image/soundstage and the best power supply which means bass/ bass control. That's my opinion.