CJ MF 2500A:is it gonna open up?

I am in the process of breaking in this amp and 2 days in it still sounds flat and metallic.No comparison to earlier fet models.Is it just the burn-in question or is it going to stay that way?The soundstage it throws is huge but the 3-D feel of earlier models is not here.Also,the midrange is kinda metallic.I can only hope some changes are coming.
Post Christmas depression is amplified right now.
Which Conrad Johnson amps did you have before?
I'v heard the Conrad Johnson 2300 and this 2500A blew it away. I found the 2500A to sound very smooth with a sweet midrange. Maybe you should get the amp checked out.
I still have MF 200.MF 2500A has more detail,but listening to it doesn't hold your attention.Nothing is wrong with the amp ,It sounds like Krell,powerful but cold.I'll give it another week.
I know what your going through. I had simliar issue's
with a BAT VK500. It sounded harsh and metallic. Yuck!
My dealer told me to be patient and let it burn in.
Then one day I turned it on and "POOF" it was all gone.
Smooth, luscious and detailed. Life was good. You have
a great amp there. Be patient and let it burn in. I
think you'll be a happy camper soon.


Overhang, what amp do you like better, the MF 200 or the 2500A?
My 2500A sounds delicious IMO! I bought it already broken in though. Do you leave it on all the time?
I had the same experience with a new 2500A a few years ago. Very disappointing at first--lots of detail, but metallic-sounding, as you describe. I've been through this before, so I used a technique which had helped me in the past: over the next few weeks I experimented with power cords, power conditioners, cabling, isolation devices. Naturally, everything I tried changed the sound, and often for the better. As I listened for combinations that worked, my point of reference began to change, and the superb detail and ease of the 2500A began to work its magic on me. I grew to love the amp, and kept it for over a year (a long time for me). What happened? The amp broke in, my ears broke in. The idea here is to focus on something other than just your amp (and your disappointment). Meet the amp halfway: start playing with other things in your system to see how they can enhance the "new sound" you're hearing--I'd bet you'll come to a happy accomodation soon.
I had my MF2500 upgraded with the "A" mod. After the mod it also sounded very harsh and metallic at first. I was begining to wonder if the mod was worth it. But after about 40-50 hours of use it smoothened out and became more open and detailed and lost all harshness.

I was at work for 2 days and left it running.When i came back i noticed a big positive difference in the way it sounds,it is opening up.I am not worried anymore,thanx for all your consolations and Happy New Year!
P.S.MF 200 sounds like pure tubes to me,especially on record like Paul Desmond's "Bossa Antigua" and Stan Getz's "Jazz Samba" the sax is 2 meters in diameter and so 3-D that you can walk around it.
Fast forward a few years...
I just had my MF 2500 upgraded to the "A" version. While there seems to be better resolution and low end, I now have a problem with sibilance. Closely mic'd vocals are just hisssssssy now.

After only a couple of days, I would be happier with the old MF 2500 back. How to you compensate for sibilance from CDs? Can I somehow tweak the amp's stand or the speaker cable? Nowthing much to adjust, unlike with TTs.
Had one for a couple of years with very revealing pre and CD player. Never was it sibilant and it kept its warmth quite admirably.

New components in your upgrade might need break in or something's wrong.
give it 2-3 months.. in the meantime - have a glass of wine and relax.
I tried the wine route but decided I needed to whine to CJ. Haven't heard back yet. It's too pronounced and I didn't change any other components or cables to cause a problem.

I tried increasing the mechanical damping on the amp. It might have smoothed out a bit and lost some of the new harshness. Of course, the wine bottle was empty by then.

I've noticed that reds enhance the base performance while whites improve the high end.