Conrad-Johnson MF-2500A or McCormack DNA-125?

HI. I am considering upgrading my Conrad-Johnson MF-2200 by sending it back to Bill Thalmann at Music Technology and having it upgraded with new parts to an MF-2500a performance level (cost of $500). My other option is to sell the MF-2200 and buy another amp for the same money-probably a McCormack DNA-1 or DNA-125, and get it upgraded (will cost maybe $200 more than the MF-2200 upgrade path). Most people who have owned the McCormack amps would never buy anything else, and most of the C-J SS amp owners seem very happy as well-I never hear a bad word about the MF-2500a or MF-2250a.

Which is the better route? I listen mostly to Jazz, some electronic music as well. I will also upgrade my preamp-I am thinking possibly a used Premier 10, or if I save a bit more $, a Premier 17. Other nice used tube preamps are options also, as are a C-J PFR.
The DNA and CJ are two different sounding amps. It all depends on what you like. CJ is softer in my ear, I have a DNA 1 Deluxe with a rev A mod from SMC audio and this amp I would never sell. But this mod will cost you About $1100 but I highly recomend it. I have a friend who has the 2500A
and he loves it. CJ and Mcormack are the same company now but Steve mcormack has his own side line if you did not know this already. Good luck.
Okay, thanks! Sounds like I can't go wrong either way-probably depends on the preamp. My speakers will sound good with basically any nice amp, unlike some!