Cj experts: advice sought

Dear Conrad Johnson people,
I have been through about 3 preamps over the last 3 years (Rogue 99, Minimax, etc.) and I always come back to missing the musicality and toe tappiness of my old CJ PV11. I am considering going back to CJ now with this question mind. My PV11 was a bit zippy in not that great resolution in the highs. Everything else I enjoyed. A tuneful bass, nice rythm, and of course the golden glowing midrange. Is there a CJ model that retains all the good things I remember from my PV11 but improves upon my perceived weakneses ? I can most likely do a Prem, 10, or 14. If you have any suggestions or know of something that is available that will suit me please respond.
Warm regards,
I understand the premier 14 which is similar to the 10 but has a remote is a very nice non-current model. You can always try it and sell it if it isn't what you are looking for. The Pemier series of pre-amps is built to a higher standard and is constructed of much better parts than the PV based models are. I started with a PV-10a and didn't stop until I got to the 16lsII. I also enjoyed a short stint with a 17ls. I believe if you stay in the Premier line you will get the detail you seek. Just my thoughts.

I had a PV-5, 7, 11 & Premier 3.
Some tube swapping could very well get you the sound your looking for.
Second the Premier 14. Plenty of inputs and outputs, replacement tubes (four 6GK5) are inexpensive, terrific remote and -- best of all -- great sound. I've enjoyed mine since l996 and have no plans to upgrade. They're going for around $1500 on Agon these days. Good luck, Dave
Dave is right on, premier 14 should float your boat. I've had mine for years with no desire to change, you can also tube roll inexpensively with great results.
I use cjpv12a. cj is not a particulary wide band design. thus it is strange that it(pv11) had a bad high end. Maybe it was a mismatch. available used for @$1k.