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Dehavilland Ultra Verve Opinions ??
My used SuperVerve Jr. will be on the way next week. Thank you for everyones advice. 
Jolida JD100 Tweaks & Tips
Here is what we are trying:-Harmonic Tech Pro11 Power cable-4 #2Vibrapod/Vibrapod Cones-Sandwhich baggie filled with play sand on top of unit over tansport.-Soon: NOS Telefunken and Mullard ECC83The Chinese 12AX7's aint bad really, but expecting m... 
Jolida JD100 on the way
Wow, What a nice player for $600 used. Smmmmooooth!! and thats before the NOS Mullards go in. This vinyl guy can live with this cdp for a LONG time!Thx everyone. 
Jolida JD100 on the way
Stevecham, Is that Ei or EH ?If Ei, just the regular 12AX7 $7 each ones ? 
Cj experts: advice sought
Thanks everyone. I will have Prem ier 14 on the way shorrtly.cb