Checking azimuth with a DMM or scope, please advise

Was thinking about the fozgometer, but I already have a couple DMM's and a digital I would like to try this with what I have.

I've searched but haven't found a good tutorial so I apologize if there is one. I have a Fluke 87 & 89 IV, along with a Rigol 1054Z, as well as a number of spare caps and resistors if I need to make a filter circuit.

This will be on a 1200 Mk5 and I may need to go with the stock headshell instead of a few LP Zupreme's with a much easier azimuth adjustment due to compliance. 

All input appreciated.


Before you adjust with special devices do you hear any problem after it was adjusted visually ? I can’t!

What cartridge and stylus profile do you have ?

**some shells from my vaults:

Many great headshell are old like Stax for example. It’s adjustable and looks very nice. It is also lightweight.

On your Technics you can just rotate conventional headshell when you lock it. I think you don’t need a shell with azimuth adjustment on this tonearm.

I like Grace headshell, on the heavy side AudioCraft is my favorite.

Some nice and cheap are Entre (can be black or silver) and Kenwood

The cheapest (just like stock Technics) is Pickering (lightweight, can be black or silver).

For most of the shells (except for the lightweight) you will have to add subweight on the end of the counterweight of your arm.

My advice: use the LP headshell for its azimuth adjustability.  Forget high priced measuring devices.  Your ears should be enough.  Trust them.  Azimuth adjustment is easy to hear, though better in the long run if you had purchased a TT with arm easier to adjust for azimuth. So with yours it will take a few tries, but you'll get it.  Begin with headshell parallel, from front, to its reflection in the record.
For some reason I'm having a hard time quoting so forgive me.

I ran the HiFi News Test LP on my last Denon 301 mk2 ans worked good. This time around I'm using the AT33PTG/2, along with a Cardas rewire, tonearm and unbalanced leads.

I have the cart pretty much aligned, but not 100%. I will say these last upgrades have completely transformed this table. Imaging, clarity, air or spaciousness in regards to instrument decay and vocals is quite remarkable from where it was.

I guess I'm just after that last bit of adjustment accuracy if the electronics can offer that over my ears.

I agree a good pair of headphones while making adjustments are fairly accurate, as the end result will be ultimately how it sounds.
I have used electronic devices to adjust azimuth, but they simply don't work as well as my ears. Invest in a good torque screwdriver, though. YMMV