Latest purchases worth checking out

Here are a few I picked and wanted to share. Please share anything you have purchased recently and dig! As you will be able to tell below, I mainly listen to rock.

Bill Janovitz and Crown Victoria: Fireworks on TV: A great effort from Ex-Buffalo Tom front man. Great listen from start to finish. Solid listen.

My Chemical Romance: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge: A little on the heavier side of the fence for me. The anger and energy on this record just speaks to me. I find myself reaching for the volume to get it louder. A lot of fun.

Social Distortion: Love, Sex, and Rock & Roll: I am a huge Mike Ness fan so keep this in mind. This album is on par wih Somewhere between Heaven & Hell. It is a great effort from a band who continues to just rock. Solid riffs, heartfelt lyrics, excellent album!

The Black Keys: Rubber Factory: Rough, bluesy, and raw with tons of energy. I find myself reaching for this disc over and over again. Well worth the price of admission.

Interpol: Antics: Second release and an excellent piece of work IMO. Reminds me of Joy Division but more upbeat. This is a good thing!


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Tin Hat Trio, the one recommended by TAS is very good with a nice varity of acoustical instruments, somewhere between chamber music and freewheelin hillbillies...