Checking speed 331/3, 45

Please give me some ideas on how to best check the speed of my TT without spending a ton of cash. Thanks in advance!
Do you have any Android phone?
If so you can use the free Strobily strobe app.
Download a strobe suitable your TT's main frequency from Vinyl Engine then print and cut it round.Put it on your TT over a LP and trim your speed under phones flashing light also at the same time playing the outer parts of LP to compensate stylus drag.

It could help if we knew your TT.

Good Luck,

PS:I am sure there are also apps for iPhones, so search if you have one.
A Strobe Disc, The Vinyl Engine has a free download of the disc
with instructions of how to use it! Extreme also has a
free one!
Thanks for your replies! I have downloaded an app for my iPhone and it works great- thanks again.
I use a test record and a frequency counter plugged into the phono stage output. Much more accurate than the alternatives.
Another option to consider: Feickert' PlatterSpeed app, which
can be downloaded to a cell phone or E-reader from
"". It's easy to use, works very well, and is
very accurate. It will require having a test record with a
3150 Hz signal. Feickert has a small test disk -- called
"Adjust+" I think -- that you can buy to use with
the app, but it's inexpensive. Using this app and disk, I was
able to dial-in my turntable's speed to +/- 0.2 Hz of 3150.
(I have a VPI Classic 3 with SDS).
I bought a gadget from It is a laser RPM reader. You stick a piece of reflective tape to the platter and point the laser at it and you will get an accurate reading. It cost something like $15 shipped.

I've since just leave the tape on the platter, so I can check the speed from time to time.

get a strobe disc and use a compact florescent lamp. It is 50 cycles.
Best bang for the buck, IMO, is the KB strobe and disc. It's very important that the strobe is battery operated and thus is not affected by drift of the frequency of your house AC. Furthermore, the KB disc is large in diameter relative to most, which makes for superior accuracy. Cost is $100, more than the cheapest and less than many. You have to go up to the Sutherland Timeline for superior accuracy, at ~$400. Cell phone apps are unreliable, according to scuttlebutt.
Sorry. Meant to write "KAB", not "KB".