CES 2013 - 4k and Ultra HD video thoughts

So I myself made it to CES for 3 days this year, and I also didn't really see so much regarding the future of consumer 4k technology! Yes, I did see more than a few 50-90" Flat panel 4k (ultra?) prototypes and "almost-ready-for-delivery" sets, but I also heard/saw VERY LITTLE in the way of proposed actual content delivery and media, and just as little in the way of 4k capable (up scaling?) players and 4k projectors. (In fact, the best pj demo's I saw were 1080p, 1080 anamorphic, and same in 3d) ..and I'm sure I missed a Sony or some JVC 4k chassis projection demo, but those have been around for some time now.
Honestly, my impressions from talking to attendees, venders, and manufactures all, was that 4k will surely be integrated into the markets in the near future, but that companies are most importantly concerned with the focus of bottom line profits with the current technology offerings that we have now! -n tomorrow will take care of itself, if they can all just simply stay in business.
Seriously! What I was getting was that companies are still struggling, the home theater industry is still sluggish, and they just want to move product -Plain and simple.
So, I kinda feelt like 4k will just "happen", and not so much resurrect the consumer video market. In fact I still feel that the average consumer is more than content with their HD satellite, DVD/Blu-ray collections, their Netflix, and their 50" 720P Best Buy LCD flat panels they got a deal on, a Christmas or 3 ago. Truth!
So when Ultra , 4k, er whatever, actually does happen, will everyone really care so much? I personally am not so sure. It really did appear that attendees were focused on what was the state of things, what current products meet their needs, the needs of their clients, and to just keep up with "the now", and what's currently on the electronics menu. And while I for one certainly DO look forward to, at least, affordable/available 4k(ish? - er utra HD "something") projection technology and content to eventually materialize, I have to be honest with myself, and admit that my "barely" HD Dish Network and Netflix movies still look great to me, on a large projected setup!
Excellent, actually...
Any others go to the Show, or have thoughts on any of this?
Exactly! It's been a day since I posted this, and not one response!
You know, we might just very well pass right though the whole consumer Ultra HD/4k thingy, and not even know it ever showed up at all! lol
Your not even close. People were happy with their old tv's and then when HD came out, it took time but masses started buying in groves. This will happen with 4K, but not for a few years until it is less costly and when software is available. I love my last production run Pioneer Elite 60 inch plasma, but I will buy a 4K OLED eventually.
Right now with no standard for delivery of 4K (UltraHD) content even I will sit be and wait.......

I do see real advantages to 4K but refuse to be an early adopter and get screwed again. This has happened to me SO many times in the last 12 years I can't begin to count. Add to this many at the show felt the 1080p sets looked amazing and why bother? Buying 4K now is sheerly to show off. When a standard for TV and Disc (if it ever comes on Blu-ray) is made, then I'll likely dive in with both feet, but for now, no way!
Thanks for the post, Avgoround. I'm struggling with buying a new Pansonic plasma (GT65) or waiting another year or two. It's not that my Sony XBR4 52" sucks, but the price point for a much larger screen has come down so much that it just makes it seem worthwhile.

I guess I really don't need to wait for two or three more years for 4k or OLED and I should just get my new plasma.

I am disappointed by the lack of any meaningful SuperBowl sales though. Hardly any discounts out there right now. Maybe wait until black Friday and get the latest and greatest Panasonic plasma then... Hmmmm....
For a long time I considered 1080p to be the holy grail of home video. Now that we are there I kind of still do. I have replaced most of my DVD movies with the Blu-ray versions. They look awesome on my 50" plasma, and I'm sure they would on a larger screen. For a given screen size there is a distance beyond which the human eye cannot detect any increase in resolution. For this reason, I think 4K is overkill in the vast majority of homes (in a commercial movie theater it is a different story). Also, the last thing I want to do right now is replace all my Blu-rays with the 4K versions. But the manufacturers and content providers have to have something else to sell. There has to be the next big thing. But in my home, give me 1080p and 6 channels of 24/96 and I'm a happy camper. I don't need anything else.
4k and Ultra HD is beneficial on large sets, projection systems and/or those that sit really close to their TV. On sets that are about 50" and below with average distance, the technology's advantage is minimal. Most folks have less than 50" screens and sit far enough away that upgrading would be mostly a waste of money.

In order for the technology to take off, the masses would need to accept it. Most folks are perfectly happy with their current HD set and would not bother to upgrade because it is not that big of a jump in performance. Only those who are videophiles and purists will want (need?) the technology. In general, SACD never appealed to the masses ("CD is good enough and not worth upgrading," says Joe six-pack) - same situation.

Lack of content will surely have an impact as well.
Admranger, I agree, I have a Pioneer Elite, that I suspect will be failing soon, I had hoped that I would see the OLED readily available by now. It looks like they will be hitting the showrooms this year, Sony and Panasonic are doing a joint OLED Panel but will build seperate tv's from there. Either way I am sure the price will keep me from becoming an owner. So I along with you will buy a Panasonic Plasma VT series when I buy. I hope that the VT replacement will be available when that day comes. I would think that the current models will be reduced to a more affordable price.
Wait 2 or 3 years and all this talk will be meaningless.
Comparing the current crop of readily available video displays with a dialed in Pioneer Kuro is simply laughable. The point is the Kuro technology was discontinued for whatever reason and the market, to this day, doesn't know what's possible with the current resolution.

I'm all for progression. The consumer video industry manipulation, beginning with Beta vs VHS is simply herding cattle.
I see and understand the benifits. Wenn you go back in time you know how much time it took before everybody went to 16/9 widesreen. In europe there are still many tv programms who even do not use HD camera's. 720P is the highest level we have now. Before they will invest in new 4k camera's we are many years later. I do not see it will be a commericial success soon!
I agree they still did not beat the Kuro, but I think the OLED 4K eventually will. We will see.
I just read over at HDguru.com that when one placed an OLED display next to a 4K set of equal size, the OLED was preferred by him and a friend. The extreme contrast ratio negates the extra pixels. It's like saying 4K is akin to new tires on an old car and OLED is a new car.

Considering that price is not going down for a few years I'd opt for the new Samsung Plasma 8500 series. It's blacks are 2X darker and deeper and the whites are 250% brighter, according to the hype. When viewed, the crowds were impressed. That, and with the price not in the stratosphere, and with it's new and improved Smart Hub, it seems to be a winner.

All the best,
I have the Samsung PS64D8000, and will go for the 8500 this year. There is a big chance they top Panansonic. Samsung is sharper than Panansonic. The D80000 gives a lot more light than VT30 and VT50. 8500 will be even more light strong.
So you could imagine how good an OLED 4K would look.
Yesss but Oled is still very expensive and there is no 4k content. it is not about what is the best. It is about what is possible at this moment. First we need a lot 4k content. I do no see this come soon.