Ceiling Speakers

I know the very topic precludes anything any of us would consider hi-end sound.  But my neighbor is putting a great room onto his house and is asking me for recommendations as to in-ceiling (i.e., flush mounted) speakers.  So far I have succeeded in pulling him away from Bose, but am having trouble pushing him toward something good.  The feedback on these looks favorable, and I appreciate the design principles:  https://rslspeakers.com/c34e-ceiling-speaker/  

If you have heard anything reasonably priced (let's say $300 or less per speaker) that sounds good, please respond.

No such thing in audiophile terms as ceiling speakrs.  OK for background music, etc. Bose is fine
Agreed with stringeen


Martin Logan Architectural Series makes some of the very best in-wall / in-ceiling speakers to meet that genre of speaker model that will smoke anything from BOSE.


Thank you, akg_ca, for the lead.
I've got in-ceiling speakers throughout my home.  One thing is a MUST.  Get speakers in sealed boxes.  The sealed aluminum enclosures do 2 things: 1-they keep the sound from reverberating throughout the house.  2-the sealed enclosure is designed for that specific speaker.  Some sealed boxes are ported out the front which is ok.
My favorite speakers would be Thiels which mount on the ceiling, not in it.  The ML's are good.  I like my Paradigms a lot.  My QSC do a nice job too.
I have 5 of the Thiel PowerPlane 1.2's that I've accumulated one at a time over the last year. I've bought them whenever I've seen on or two for a great price. Otherwise they are cost prohibitive for my use. I think they retailed for about $1000 each. I've probably averaged about $250-$275 each, buying over time. I believe they are no longer in production.

I haven't really heard them yet, but they got great reviews. I can tell you that the build quality is top notch.
I have Atlantic Technology ceiling speakers in my office. I have had them up there for about 5 years and they sound fantastic. They are so pretty, I leave the grills off. The tweeter pivots and they are available with back boxes.