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Karaoke mixer preamp
I rate the sound quality from this Mixer to be very high. You need to refer: https://khangphudataudio.com/ban-mixer-dynacord-cms-1000 
Main speakers cut out when sub powered on
I think,The Auto On circuit presumably brings up the other circuits in the sub, including the high power amplifier circuits, in a more controlled manner, because that is what it is designed to do.Your sub contains a 1,000 watt Class D amplifier. F... 
Microphones ?
I think, a professional wireless microphone set here will be the best choice for you. Link here:  https://khangphudataudio.com/micro-khong-day  
Ceiling speakers for Home theater.....
Hello!I have the same question. I was thinking of a ceiling loudspeaker system dedicated to listening to music but I didn't know which loudspeaker was best and best suited for listening to music. You have already used it, you can advise me. And I'... 
Ceiling Speakers
If it is $ 30 or less, you should consult some ceiling speakers here: https://khangphudataudio.com/loa-am-tran. And maybe it is a wise choice for you. 
Recommendations for Ceiling Speakers
If it was me, I would choose JBL's ceiling speaker because JBL was so famous for the good music speakers. JBL's ceiling loudspeakers for extremely good sound, warm bass. In addition, you can refer to some of TOA's ceiling speaker models as here: h... 
Karaoke mixer preamp
I think you should refer to this Dynacord table mixer. Because, Dynacord CMS 1000 mixer table is highly appreciated by the world's leading audio experts. Link here: http://thietbiamthanh24h.com/ban-mixer/mixer-dynacord-cms-1000.html 
Line Array speakers?
Hi All!I am a big fan of the line array And I own 4 pairs of Array RCF HDL 10A. And here is the review of this speaker model (See here: https://khangphudataudio.com/dan-loa-dam-cuoi.html). How about you? Give me a review from you. 
Line array speakers
Hello! This could be the best candidate for line array speakers. Refer to them here: https://khangphudataudio.com/loa-array 
Are Sub JBL Speakers good?
I think JBL is a fairly well-known speaker brand in the world. Choosing the right speaker for JBL is always the best.If you are talking about the best Sub speakers, you should choose this speaker: http://thietbiamthanh24h.com/loa-hoi-truong/loa-su...