I presently have an Esoteric DV-50 player and I am thinking of
trading in on the Marantz SA 11S3 CD/SACD player with a built-in Headphone Amp. Will Marantz out preform my Esoteric CD and SACD wise ? Next am I better off buying a Woo WA-22 Headphone Amp as the built-in headphone amp in the Marantz won't come close to the Woo ?
"Will Marantz out preform my Esoteric CD and SACD wise ?"

Doubtful. IMHO, an Esoteric player is leagues above a Marantz. I have owned 2 different Marantz sacd players and I haven't heard anything that comes close to the quality I get out of my Esoteric UX-3 player.
Don't know about the Esoteric at all, but I do have the Marantz. Compared to others that I have (BAT, Raysonic, Wadia, Cal Audio) and I have compared it to them at length, the Marantz is more forward in the mid-range. It has excellent bass and is not 'bright' at all. Compared to the others, except the Wadia, it is more transparent. It is more dynamic than all of the others and it gets a lot of listening time.

Re the headphone out put. Using Senn 650's it is flat and cold. I much more enjoy these phones with a Woo WA3 (with up graded tubes). On the cheap you might like a Fournier headphone amp for about 1/3d the cost. Looks cheap! but sounds quite good with my Senn 650s or 590. I use this and the 590 on my TV.

Hope that helps a bit.
The Marantz and Esoteric players are very different sonically. I have owned a modified Esoteric DV-50, and I currently own a modified Marantz SA-11S1. I've also owned quite a few other CDP's, from BAT, EMM Labs, etc. For me, the Marantz does a better job of making digital sound musical to me. Granted, I still prefer analog, but I found the Marantz sound to be much more musical than the Esoteric players I've owned and heard. Now, the Esoteric are more revealing, and some are drawn to that, but to me, they sound grainy and bright. The Marantz allows me to listen to digital without grinding my teeth. Obviously, others will disagree. Unfortunately, only you can decide which player you would prefer.
The Marantz is an all-around outstanding performer. I found the Esoteric to be lean , very dry sounding.
Marantz sounds warm to me-
Sony SCD-1 or similar model are well balanced
Playback design if you have 14K