Which cd players.....

Which cd players are good matches with a Magnum Dynalab MD-208 receiver feeding a pair of Maggie 1.6 qr s?

I had used the MD-208 with the Maggie 1.6 at one time...great combo(now using the new BAT integrated).

In the big buck end the Audio Research CD3 is super..as is the Ayre...but for less the new Classe is one you really should try. See if you have a dealer that will loan you one at closing on a Saturday so you can listen and return on Monday.

The man I purchased my ARC CD3 from now has the Classe..and feels it is quite close to the ARC for less than half the cost.

For what it's worth...I've had the top interconnects from most companies..and the Wireworld Gold Eclipse III+ are super with the MD-208/Maggie 1.6 combo.

Best, Jim
Get the Audio Note transport #2 with the Audio note #3 balanced DAC and live happy ever after.
What is your budget?

Have any of you auditioned/owned a Vecteur L-4 CD Player? I have heard an audiophile freak claimhe has listened to all the big names and there's no contest in his mind. Would like to hear from others if I could.

The L-4 mentioned above is very good, especially considering the price. They are better options, however you have not mentioned price range.
I am not gonna spend $10k for a CD player given my current level of poverty/prosperity. The person I mentioned, however, had listened to Wadia, Arcam, Linn, etc., and thought the L-4 won in his ears. Have you actually heard the L-4 yourself? Any side by side auditioning? I noticed on some of your threads that you have a Capitole (sp?) you are in love with. I'm interested in what you might have to say.