recommend Progressive-scan DVD players?

Please give me your thoughts/opinions on Progressive-scan DVD players that you've had experience with? What's the best value? I'd prefer one without a decoder built in. Any comments please also on some of them advertised as "progressive-scan" and not actually so? Thanks for your thoughts!
Camelot Roundtable
I second the Camelot, but it's pricey. Here are some must reads if looking to buy a DVD player:

Also see and for the best pictures on the web of the Roundtable goto:

The market isn't so one sided as when that article was written though. There are other players that now run the same chipset as the Roundtable, I think EAD's player is an example.
I recently purchased this model from Toshiba and have really enjoyed the performance and features. I picked up one new on eBay for about $1300.
Here's a URL for details if you like:
JT is right. FYI the new Denon also runs the DVDO chip set as well, and is way less money. I have the Sony 9000ES and am very happy with audio as well as video. Once you have used progressive scan, you never want to go back. It is much more natural, and less fatiguing.
Just be sure that the model you buy does true 3/2 pulldown.Good luck.
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Sorry I missed the action JT. Been busy negotiating the latest upgrade, and my work slows down to a crawl in the summer, so I've been layin' low. Sounds, most of the pricier progressive scan models can do 3/2 pull down. The less expensive Pioneer doesn't, although it is called progressive scan by a technicality. Make sure before you buy. The Pioneer DV-37 is very good, the 9000ES is excellent, the Roundtable is tops, unless you have an extra 12 grand.
I have extended experience with only one progressive-scan DVD player, the Pioneer Elite DV-37. I think it is an excellent value, with high quality video, and audio quality that is better than the Rega Planet CD player I sold. I bought my DV-37 for $650 new, and would be glad to provide you with the name of the dealer if you drop me a private E-mail.

How much money you want to spend?? Because I have recommendations at almost every price level. And they are:

Entry-Level (for less than $500.00): Toshiba SD-4700

Intermediate (for less than $1,000.00): Pioneer Elite DV-37 (I have one. I bought mine locally, for $700.00. So far, I haven't been disappointed)

High-End (for $1,500.00 to $2,000.00): Onkyo DV-S939, Pioneer Elite DV-38A, Sony DVP-S9000ES and the Toshiba SD-9200

Ultimate (for more than $2,000.00): Camelot Roundtable

Those are my recommendations at the various price points right now.

Good Luck.....

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Hi Angela, best regards. I'm enjoying my Sony DVP-9000ES very much, but my TV keeps shutting of for days, and when the serviceman comes ...voila! it works again, happened twice. I'll find that bug and squash it sooner or later. Gotta run, Sounds,go for it!
I just bought this Panasonic DVD-RP91 and I think this is the best value on progressive scan DVD players right now. I got it for the DVD-Audio feuture but it's video quality is giving my Sony S9000ES a run for it's money.This is worth checking out. I payed $449 plus shipping for my unit.

Where did you get a Panasonic DVD-RP91 for $450.00?? I just checked out Panasonic's website just now, and I saw that it lists for almost $800.00.


Check out They have it for $449.00, and it is in stock.

Yes the Panasonic is the Hot new player. Ecost has it for $439 but a $13.00 handling charge bumps it up a little.
Chaskelljr2001, sorry for the late response, I better check the forums more often. Anyway I bought mine from for $449 and looks like they were now only $439. Hurry up and get one they are really good and can compete or better other players double it's price.