cd players with volume control

are there any a serious cd players out there with a volume knob that i can connect directly to an amp?
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Don't forget the Resolution Audio CD-50 and CD-55.
Theta Miles.
Not knobs, but analog volume control ... Resolution Audio CD-50 and 55, Theta Miles, Proceed CDP and Levinson 39 (sort of analog) to name a few more.
Wow ... youse guys type fast!
a conspicuous model by its absence thus far: the accuphase 75v. digital volume control that will not degrade the sonics by rolling off high and/or low end at varying output levels, as will the "analogue" pots. you can't appreciate the best unless you audition this one-box player. trust me; i'm a lawyer. ;~) -kelly
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Ah !!!! A debate.
Cornfedboy it has been my experience that exactly the opposite of your position is what I have heard. Ihave owned the Accuphase DP75, Levinson 39, Theta Miles and both the Resolution Audio CD 50 and 55. My refence still remains the CD 50. Digital volume controls drop bits in its efforts to achieve dynamics and volume. I get much more detail with a true Analog volume control. Resolution Audio goes a bit further in that they have a true dedicated pre amp section. The transparency that can be achieved by going direct to amp from this design is better than any digital or for that matter separate pre amp volume control that i have ever heard. My opinion, yes but i have actually bought and sold many differnt CD players to learn this including the one you mention. Have a great day. Enjoy. Jim
jim: i can assure you that the volume control on the accuphase dp-75v does not "drop bits." i don't own the unit but one of my good friends does. (i have owned the dp-75, which i ran directly with great sucess.) he thoroughly researched this issue before he sold his preamp. the accuphse dp-75v volume control is similar, tho not as sophisticated, as that in the dc-330 pre/dac, which i still have while awaiting delivery of a new pre/dac. should anyone wish more info on the volume controls on accuphase products, they should contact arturo manzano, the distributor for the us. you can find his email address, etc. on the accuphase website. -kelly
Acuujim- You really ought to give the Wadia 860x or the new 861 a shot, I owned the CD50 at the same time as the Wadia and it is way better than the CD50 in my system. True you need to run the Wadia at the top end of it's volume output for maximum resolution, but that is not very hard to do by adjusting the internal output voltage switches to match the output of you amps.
If you decide to run directly from cd to power amp, there will be times that you will not be able to achieve enough gain. There are many recordings cut at too low a level to be able to bypass a gain stage. Just something to think about.
Frap. I think your wromg. My wadia 861 has more gain direct to my pass x 350 then i need, but the pass is 150db.
frap: you mind tellin' us where you got your data? i'd be particularly interested in learning which of the cd players you've used exhibits this characteristic. i'd also appreciate a listing of the cd's that you've found are recorded at unusually low volumes.
Well sir, the data is from 12 years ago;right about the time I abandoned the direct in approach. The data is from my personal experience. The cd player at the time was the Sony 707esd, a very fine unit I might add. The amplifiers were ARC tube units. The wire was MIT MI-330 E.
From memory, I recall 2 cds where enough gain could not be achieved.
1)William Boughton/ English String Orchestra/Music of Gerald Finzi/ Nimbus Records
2)Dire Straits-
Brothers in Arms
There were others, which is why I abandoned the direct in approach.
Say, I thought this was a discussion forum for people to help each other out. I am starting to get the impression that its a members only fraternity. I see I have been slammed on this thread. Perhaps my experience was an isolated case. Apologies if I was wrong
i admit i've never compared the pricy stuff such as accuphase & wadia - i guess i can't afford to wring that last *nth* of sound from a format that i never really liked that much, & is in imminent danger of being replaced. but, as far as more *reasonably* priced cd players go, it has been my experience that a preamp is a positive addition - even to the resolution audio cd50/cd55, which has been lauded as a great cd-player run straight-in to an amp. i was willing to spend up to, say, $1500, for a used resolution-audio cd-player, but i honestly found no meaningful improvements between this player & my $500 nad cd-changer, when run thru my melos preamp.

so, if ewe can afford a mega-buck cd-player, mebbe it *can* sound better run straight-in than when run thru a preamp, i dunno... but i do know, at least for me, anyway, that a less-expensive cd-player can definitely be improved by a top-notch preamp, and the preamp will, in fact, level the playing field between most any reasonably-decent modern player from at least $3k down to a lowly $500 cd *changer*. and, if ya listen to other sources, w/a great preamp ya get the benefits of great sound w/them, too! ;~)

one persons' opinion, doug s.

The accuphase is great stuff, if you can afford it. And Ive sure never heard of a single cd recorded at too low a level. They're all too loud.

But I had the impression that Yamski is a college kid on a tight budget. Denon 1650ar, Pioneer something 65, arent those more responsive to his needs?
paulwp, if yer assessment of yamski is correct, then he yust needs to find something like ewe suggest, & run it thru an ase z-man toob-buffer-stage, or the musical-fidelity wersion (not sure of its model # designation). this was the only way i could tolerate cd w/both a linn kairn preamp & an older electrocompaniet ec-1a preamp.

again, yust my opinion - doug s.

Frap I wasent slamming you but pointing out on my system there is enough gain I agree with the origanal brothers in arms cd its recorded very low.Try the new remaster version much better.
I do agree Sutts, that the Capitole is very nice indeed. But with the diminishing returns that sets in so rapidly with CD players, I heartily recommend the Resolution Audio CD50 and CD55, and that you spend the difference elsewhere.
Hello. I believe the Sony XA7ES may sate your requirement. Good luck. -Sam