cd player with volume control

2nd trimester newbie looking for good cd player with volume control to connect directly to power amp to save $$$. this way i can get a better power amp and upgrade cd player and preamp later. any downside to this idea? budget around $1000 used ok.

aloha keith
Another way to do it is to buy the best CD player, up to $750, used, without volume control, so that CD quality is not impaired by cheap volume control. Purchase used, or new ($350 list, from EVS Ultimate Attenuators which attach directly into the RCA input jacks of your amplifier. For single source system, such as CD only, you may never have to buy a separate pre-amplifier, either passive, or active.
There is a model for transistor, or tube amplifier, and you can email Ric Schultz at to match your amp specs properly. Whatever your CDP, and amp are capable of producing can be optimally heard with this set-up.
Resolution audio Cd 50 or CD 55- do a search this is the most asked question here at audiogon.
Agree with the tiredude, STFA
The Linn Genki (used) has two sets of fixed level rca outputs and two sets of volume controled rca outputs. So you can step up to a preamp when you are ready. Please be
advised that the internal preamp will beat most preamps under $1,000.00 . Hope this helps, Hector.
I have seen a Cary 308-T for as low as $1,250. It has an analog volume conrol
Call Kevin from Upscale Audio ask about the AH tube
player with upsampler.This is within your budget.
make sure tell Him to replace the tube with Siemens