CD Player, the same old question/sorry

My cd player, a Rotel 951 is done and I want to replace it with another cd player, don't want to do the HD thing.
I like looking at my collection and thinking about what I might want to listen to. I have a Marantz CD6006 on loan from a friend and it sounds good in my system but I need a smaller unit (depth). I have $500-$700 to spend, I don't want something very used or too old- I'm cool with that when it comes to speakers and amps etc. but not for a cd player.
I'd prefer something made in Europe or here but realize that's tricky at this price point.- thinking about a Modi 3 with my Oppo 980 or a Marantz HD-CD1.
Appreciate the feedback and I know this is an often asked and old question.
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I’d use the Oppo you already have and spend the most you can on a DAC like maybe something like this - used.

If you don’t want to use the Oppo then add a Cambridge Audio CXC transport.
There are CXC transports out there brand new for like $350 as the new series 2 just came out.

If you can, try to source a used AudioRefinement CDP.
If you have a separate dac, the audiolab cdt6000 is a fantastic transport for $550.00. But it’s just a transport.

there has never been a better time to purchase a CD player. Check the usual on-line outlets and have fun!

Happy Listening!