CD Player Suggestions under $ 500

I'm doing little research for my brother.  His old CD player died and he has a budget of $ 500 to replace it.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  I think he would prefer new but would consider used.  If the player could play MP3's or stream, that would be great as well.  Thanks.
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Thanks, I think those are both great suggestions.
At the $500 price point, this is a top contender...
I would also consider Cambridge. The build quality is very high. If you happen to come across a used Rotel 1072 in good shape, I would buy it without hesitation. Best entry level CD player I've ever heard.
Discontinued, but if you can find one, an Oppo 103. Class B rated by Stereophile.
Current model is the 203, price is higher, $549.
Very happy with my 103 in my Krell/Vandersteen system...

As above-
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NAD BEE series