Cary vs Jadis vs Quad tube amps

I'm deciding between a new Cary-805C anniversary edition (with WE300B), a used Jadis-845, and a new Quad II-forty five amp/preamp combination. The new Cary and used Jadis are the same price, while the new Quads are half the price. I heard these all in different rooms and systems, so hard for me to make a fair comparison.

Anywhere have experience with the amps to help me decide? is it risky to buy a used tube amp? (i live in a different country from where I will be buying the amp)

I loved the sound of the Jadis-845 (didn't want to leave the demo room), felt the Cary was very competent, and found the Quads to be very balanced and fun to listen to. Again, the matching components were of varying quality, so I'm not sure how much to trust my ears alone.

My system includes Mark Levinson 39s CD player and B&W804s.
I have no expereince with the Quad, but I have some with the Jadis and Cary. The Jadis used is a much better deal, and they are better made than the Cary gear. Cary seems to put their money where it is visible, but not where it would not be seen, but is heard. If it were my money, I would opt for the Jadis, unless you have issues with the French.
There is something magical about the Jadis sound - I dont know why - that's where I'd put my money (and did)
I did on search for Jadis on Audiogon, and it seems everyone talks about the magic of the JA-80. How does the Jadis-845 compare?
I heard the Jadis 845 once against the Nagra. Even though Nagra puts out twice as much power by using 2x 845 tubes, there was no comparison - Jadis has better everything except sheer volume. The SE magic was abundant to the point I thought Nagra sounded like a cheap tube amp. Jadis will be my choice if my speakers can be driven by the low output power.

I heard lots of good thing about Cary 805, but haven't heard it with my own ears.

But biggest question is will any of the amp you are considering be able to drive B&W?
The dealer said that they should be able to drive B&W804s and 803s, but not 802s.

Yes, I think the power issue is the biggest question for me now. Can anyone else help out here?

I don't need to listen to really loud rock, hiphop, techno, etc., but do want significant volume, including bass, in my 400 sq foot living room.

btw, I have a DD-18 subwoofer.
Agree with the thoughts about the Jadis. Simply incredible sound. My amp provided me with the best sound I have ever gotten out of my Coincidents, clearly superior to my heavily modified AtmaSphere M60 or Granite 861 monoblocks. The sound was tonally perfect to my ears. My good friend, Denis (Springbok10), has the amp now, and as you can tell, he seems satisfied. Rest assured, I will own another Jadis one day.

The one caveat I want to provide, however, is the support you will get from the Jadis. It may not be a problem, as they are fairly simply designed tube amps, but many have experienced reliability issues with the products. Couple that with the high cost and supposedly long wait regarding repair, and you might want to think about it. Personally, I'd contact the new North American distributor, Pierre Gabriel, to see how easily he will work with someone buying a used Jadis.
Trejla, I live in China, and the only distributor is in another city, Hong Kong. I'll call them tomorrow to see if they would do repairs- if not, would another person/company, if willing, be able to do repairs on the machine?

Now I have 2 major potential issues between me and that Jadis sound: repairs and potential (lack of) power.
Actually, I think you are in a better position than us, No_slouch. You don't have to deal with all of the stuff that went on with Jadis in the USA and Canada over the past 15 years. In the Far East, the brand is well respected on its merits alone. Based on that, and the fact that since you are a tube lover in China, you must obviously have capable hands in having the Jadis be serviced, if it is ever required. I think it's a wise move then.

Believe me, if the 845 is as good as their other stuff, you'll look for new speakers to mate with the amp instead of things being the other way around.

By the way, what city in China do you live in? My wife is from Shenyang.
Rooze, how was the V12 blowing fuses? It never blew any fuses when I had it. I never looked inside the V12, but that was not the amp to which I was refering. I'm not familiar with the Jadis amp that you reference. Where would I have heard that?
Who is going to service your Jadis in the case you need to? Something also to think about it.
I talked to the Hong Kong distributor, they said they only service equipment sold through their dealers- you pay US$25 for a serial number check which takes 2-3 days. I don't have 2-3 days to wait really, but I heard from the dealer that the used amp (the stores are in the same building..21 stories of used and new high-end audio) came from them- only 3 of its kind have been sold in HK.

It seems like 20 watts is enough to drive my 804s at decent volume in my living room - its about 3800 square feet, but since its short on one side, my listening area is only about half to two-thirds of the room, so 2500 square feet maybe.

I'll probably pick the amp up tomorrow if it passes another listening test (it sounded tonally amazing to me as well, the most engrossing sound I've heard in all my searching recently), along with some guarantee from the vendor that it's a HK unit, unless any new information appears.

Trelja, I live in Beijing, just over half a day's drive from Shenyang. I saw part of a marathon nine-hour documentary about the city, called 'Tie Xi Qu'. Lots of economic migrants from Shenyang in Beijing, that city was the heartland of industrial, communist china.
Good choice. My Jadis (Orchestra Reference) makes Proac 1s speakers sound spectacular and I've heard many amps - this one is special.
I have two stereo sistems. One in my saloon, that have a Cary amplifiers 211 Anniversary edition and preamplifiers Jadis JP 200, processor Jadis JS-1, and transport Mark Levinson Nº 37. Its sound spectacular with may speakers Proac R-100. The stereo separation, the bright, the dinamic response are incredible. Also I connected a turnatable Mitchel Gyro SE with Micro Benz M/C cartigde L2. The vinyls sound better than compacts.
The other sistem in my spleeping room are with Jadis JP- 80 MC preamplifier, processor Jadis JS-2, Transport Mark Levinson Nº 31.5, and a par of Krell FPB 750 Mcx amplifiers, with Proac Speakers R-3.8. The sound its more spectacular for the amplifiers, but in my saloon the sound is more softly and nice.
Two years ago I have the sistems of my saloon conected with Jadis amplifiers JA-30. But the music dont appears. The cary 211 was the solution.