Cardas cables

I'm currently using Cardas cables throughtout my setup with Golden Ref's interconects, speakers cables as well Golden power cords. Whilst I love the trademark warm, rich qualities (saw someone even call it sweet) and deep soundstage of the cables I might be over doing it a little and would appreciate suggestions whereby I could perhaps introduce some detail or airiness without compromising the Cardas sound.

I'm thinking the best place to start would the Power cords. Suggestions.

PS:Setup consists of Rowland (Concentra II) Amps and ProAc (Response D15) speakers
Actually try experimenting with Audio Points, DH Cones, BDR #3's cones. This will add detail and lean it out a little.
I just checked out your system and you already doing this to a point, try removing the sorbothane pads.

Next treat the room and remove the 1st order reflections will give you focus and detail.
This thread might be of some help.
you are in a tough spot.the power cords is the least place where you are going to hear a difference.

the hiearchy for cable is;

interconnects (compenent then pre to amp)
speaker cables
power cables

i agree with you on the cardas house sound, it is lacking on the image specificity and detail.

you could experiment with changing one interconnect - try between the source to amp. i have found the xlo signiture 2 to be a very transparent and fast cable and have used it in combination with cardas interconnects with good results.

dont be afraid to mix and match your interconnects, i tried all cardas, xlo, tara and transparent. the best result i got was the cardas between pre to amp and xlo beteen cd to pre.

most interconnects fall in the 2 camps:

1. warm / bloom / body ( ie. cardas )
2. fast/ imaging / revealing (ie. xlo)

despite many different opinions- there is connection between price and performance .

i have taken home cables from the same manufacture and have gotten the best results from mixing a "warm" cable with a "fast"cable. please keep in mind, that is my system.

hope that helps !!!]

See if you can borrow some Kimber Select 1130 or 1030 to replace your Golden Reference IC. This will provide more treble detail than you're getting now without being the slightest bit harsh. It is also totally grainless. Your system, like mine, is voiced toward the warm side. The Golden Reference is too much of a good thing in a warmly voiced system.
Thanks, everyone for your input. What I've tried up till now is I've first introduced Nordost Pulsar points under the CD player and moved my DH Cones to under my Hydra PLC which has resulted in a subtle increase in detail.

I've managed to get my hands on pair of Shunyata Taipan PC and replaced the Cardas Golden Ref PC on the Amp. Impressions up till now is the base has firm up (comparitive to GR PC which seem a little bloated). Will need to listen a couple of my fav instrumentals CD's before passing further comments however I got carried away with enjoying to a couple of Pop albums after a shit day of work that I completely ignored paying any detail to differences.
FWIW, Jeff uses Cardas cable internally, so best to look elsewhere for help imho.