Anyone Having Problem With Cardas Clear Beyond XL Power Cables Falling Out Of Equipment

I love my new Cardas Clear  Beyond XL power cables , however I am having a problem  with them either coming loose on wall  receptical or loosing contact on my Shunyata Hydra Triton 1. They are just too heavy. Any suggestions are appreciated.   

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Switch to a lighter cable, as well as replace your wall receptacle.

Be aware, even if you get a stronger wall receptacle, you can end up stripping the box itself.

If those cables weren't so pricey I'd suggest having the plugs replaced. Cardas does make some low profile, much lighter weight connectors:

Of course, not every device benefits from a pricey cable. Have you listened to them with consumer grade versions?


 First, which you probably already tried but just in case, work the cable as best you can to make it fit where you want it to go without any leftover twisting or bending torque at either end. Also at the same time see if components can be situated a little different as sometimes this alone will solve the problem.

Next step which a guy with this much already invested probably has done already is upgrade the outlet and since you know this is an issue ask about it as some do have a lot tighter fit than others. Or pull the receptacle, some of them once they are out of the wall you can get a screwdriver in there and bend the contacts a little to make for a much tighter fit.

The iec at the conditioner end at least you can shim it to fit tighter. Trim some thin wood shims, or wrap the end with something like teflon tape, whatever will make for a nice snug fit.
I have these PCs and they fit snugly into the AC outlet. My AC outlets are Porter Ports.
Thanks, might have to look into that. It just seems that both mail and female side have very little grip on my Shunyata Triton and wall oulets which have upgraded hospital grade receptacles.
This type of problem is endemic to many overbuilt Power Cords -- only reliable solution I know (beyond shimming them up) is the Furutech NCF cradles -- but kind of big $$ just as supports -- although used carefully the NCFs can improve the sound (but overtighten them and they can kill things dead)
That reminds me, Cable Elevators are really just ceramic high voltage insulators used on power lines and telephone poles. Their first and best use is under speaker cables, where they make a huge improvement. Take them out, lay the cables on the floor, hear the sound stage collapse. 

But you don't have to use Cable Elevators. Any similar insulator will do. And there are a lot of them! Search eBay, where believe it or not people collect the darn things as steam punk type decoration! Whatever, they're cheaper that way, as low as $5 if you shop around, and work just as good. I just added a couple to help dress my phono interconnect and raise a few others off the floor. Would work great to support a heavy stiff power cord, and you get the sonic benefit as well. 
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HI Samgar- two things that should help.  First of all, rotate the duplex outlet 180 degrees so that the ground port is at the top rather than the bottom- this gives the cable a LOT better support and is within code.  Secondly at the IEC end, get some old fashioned cloth adhesive tape and wrap the IEC of the power cord a couple of turns to make it fit tighter.  I see some people use telson tape, but that is slippery and the cloth tape grips a LOT better.  Good Luck!