Cardas Golden Cross Power Cord...

Hi Folks,
Do any of you use the Cardas Golden Cross on your amps? If so how do you like it or others? I have a Cambridge Audio 840 A V-2 and am wondering how they'd work together. I also have an 840-C CD player. Would it be good for that as well? Which would you use the Cardas for? Thanks much...Brian.

System: Magnepan MG-12 speakers, Kimber 8 TC speaker cable, (new version)... Signal Audio silver balanced interconnects for CD player, Marantz TT 15 record player. All accompanied by the Cambridge duo. Other power cords are Cardas Cross and Kimber PK 10 basic.
Hello, your choices are perfect. We use these combos all the time. The 840C will be great with the Twinlink and the 840A is great with the Golden. The only other improvement would be the Golden Refeence with the amp.
I use Cardas Cross power cable on everything except the amp. I use BEL power cable on the amp (not well known stuff, but my local hi fi store likes it). I have some Cardas Neutral Reference power cable (is that what it's called, or is it the Golden Reference?--whatever the most expensive stuff is) and I used to use it on a couple of difference CD players I've had. I intend to use the Cardas Cross power cord on the amp, but haven't gotten around to it.

I'm hypersensitive to brightness, and I ended up liking the Cardas Cross speaker cable, interconnect, and power cord better than the Golden Cross or the Neutral Reference, all of which seemed to have more emphasis on the highs than I liked. Some people describe the Cardas Cross sound as "warmer"--to me, it's in the "just right" catagory.
Excellent! Thanks for the input so far folks! Can you tell me more about what each does for a system's sound compared to other brands? Is there a bigger soundstage, more lifelike tonality etc? Thanks for any sonic benefit or lack thereof in your opinions. Really appreciate the info! Should I consider silver power cords for my amp instead?

Actually, I think you'd likely get a more noticeable kick if you switched out that silver interconnect for some Cardas Cross. I used to have Audioquest silver interconnect (Cheetah?), and the switch to the Cardas was like going from a cold shower to a warm bath. Silver does interesting things to the highs, but the balance with the lower mids and bass has always sounded odd to me, and, in the end, unsatisfactory. I finally swore off the stuff.

The Cardas Cross power cord will sound a bit warmer and fuller-bodied than your standard power cord. But I have to be honest and say that, in AB testing of power cords, sometimes I've heard more difference than others, and I could probably be fooled in a blind test.