Can you compare NAD C370 with Portal Panache Int.

If you are familiar with both the Portal Panache Integrated and the NAD C370 Integrated I would welcome your comments. Would an upgrade to the Panache be worthwhile?

My speakers are the Celestion A3 full range, 4 Ohm, 90 db sensitive (wonderful by the way), room is smallish 13 by 12, low to medium listening levels so low level dynamics and fullness important. I have used passive pre's in the past and generally like them when properly set up (latest was a McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe and Luminus axiom passive pre also wonderful but only one input). I like the NAD except I hear a low level 60 Hz hum coming from the unit even when standing a few feet away when no music is playing and it bugs me (I leave my system powered up all the time).

I've owned several NAD components through the years, and thus am very doubtful that the hum you are experiencing is normal. If the hum were eliminated, would you still feel the need to change amps?
Had both of these in the past, to my ears the Panache was a step up in musical presentation, good balance across the board , warmer tone to it.
I owned the NAD C352 shortly after the Portal Panache. Absolutely loved the Portal, but could not live without remote control. Thought the NAD was very good for the money, except for the course volume control via remote.
If remote is of no concern I'd say go for the Portal Panache.
Sandstone, you are right, I too recall never hearing a hum on previous NAD's, so I did some checking and sure enough, I had a light fixture in the same room on "dimmer" which was causing the hum. Duh...

I've not heard either, but my understanding is that Nelson Pass designed the circuit for the Panache, if that is true, it is hard to believe that one of the industry's greatest designers did not produce an integrated to beat the NAD. Not that NAD is bad, I certainly don't mean to imply that, but there is magic to anything Nelson Pass puts his hands on.
I had the Portal Panache for quite a while, and loved every single minute. I don't think I've ever heard such great midrange, silky and smooth. It made my Sonus Fabers soar. But, I had problems with an audible buzz that would come through the speakers. I went through 2 different amps, tested in multiple rooms with various power conditioning. Also had dedicated circuits. I could not get it to stop. I took it to the manufacturer, and of course, it was dead silent!

Just something with my neighborhood I suppose.
BTW - I have had Yamaha, Onix, NAD, and Bel Canto amps. None of these ever made any noise, at all. It was just with the Portal Panache amps. Perhaps they are extra sensitive to dirty power.
FWIW, if I disconnect the coax cable which carries the TV signal into my den (where my Panache also resides), the hum goes away.