Review: Portal Audio Panache Amplifier

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Portal Audio Panache Integrated is a wonderful piece. I’ve had it for 2 months now.
I suggest reading the for the introduction. I believe it describes the ins and outs of the Panache pretty accurately.

My experience with the integrated was outstanding. There are few things worth mentioning. Panache produces a different sound when matched up with other sources and cabling. Switching from my original SONY 999ES to the Metronome CD2V was dramatic. Just different flavors, I believe. Although, I did prefer Analysis Plus Oval 9 and Copper-in interconnects than my Audioquest Slates and Onix Blue interconnects. Overall, transparency increased.

While this may more speak of the other components in my system, I believe that’s the amps job, give clean, unadulterated power. It lets you know what you have. It doesn’t lie or cover up any flaws. I regularly listen to a wide variety of music: jazz, alternative, rap, trance, opera, and classical. No weakness in playing any particular genre of music.

Ironically, I cannot comment on the headphone part of the amp. I’m not a big headphone fan, but this integrated purports a heavy duty headphone amp. So, if you regularly listen to headphones, I’d buy the Panache without a second thought. Besides, you have a 60day trial period. Most generous.

While I thought a remote would not be a problem for me, I did miss it. It’s rare that one listens to all tracks at a particular volume. That is perhaps my only gripe with the integrated.

Associated gear
Audioquest Slates wires
Onix Blue interconnects
Analysis Plus Oval 9
Analysis Plus Copper-in

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Plinius 8200 mkII
how this amp is compared to plinius 8200 mkII?
i honestly never heard anything better for the price offered with the phono incorporated into this integrated amp.
I have had the Portal Panache here for about three months. Before this I had a Musical Fidelity A3.2 which was a very enjoyable and attractive Integrated ( I really liked the blue lights too). The diferences in sound between the two is very subtle. The Panache seems a bit more clear and precise to my ears. I'd say the Panache is more neutural, not cold or hard though.
I reciently bought a Unison Unico integrated thinking I would get more "air" and sweetness to the sound. After a few hours of comparing the two I found the Panache to be better in every area, attack, decay, soundstage depth and imaging, bass control, detail etc. The Panache just sounds more alive and vibrant and clear. I am assured that the Panache is a good product. I now believe I am going to have to spend a whole lot of more money to get better sound out of an Integrated.